How To Get 99 Percentile In Jee Mains?

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Can I still get 99 percentile in JEE Mains?

Still, if you are keeping a target of 99 percentile, you would have to get at least 180 or 180+ marks. However, if you are keeping an target for higher NITs, you should get 99.5 Percentile and for that you would have to get 200+ marks.

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Which NIT will I get with 99.5 percentile?

99.5–99.99 then it would be under 5000 rank. 99–99.5 then expected rank b/w 5000–8567. 98–99 then tough competition it would be somewhat 8567–15786. After this percentile it would be less chance to get core branch in good NITs {MNIT Jaipur,Trichi,Warangal,etc.}

What rank is expected at 99 percentile in JEE Mains?

Scoring 99 percentile in jee mains like competitive exams is a very good performance. Due to High competition, your rank will be approx. 11k on this percentile.