How To Check Percentile Of Jee Mains?

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How can I check my percentile in JEE Mains?

To calculate a percentile score, the marks secured are converted into a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for each session of examinees. NOTE: Percentile score is not the same as the percentage of marks secured. It is the practice of comparing candidates’ scores who appeared in different shifts of the exam.

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What percentile is 70 marks in JEE?

However, looking at the previous year JEE mains cutoff, with 70 marks in JEE mains 2022, your expected Percentile score is predicted to be around 85.96 – 89.08.

How is 35 percentile in JEE Mains?

With a Score of 35/300 in JEE Main, your Percentile will be anywhere around 60-65, assuming your session was somewhat moderate.

How many percentile is 45 in JEE mains?

After scoring 45 marks in JEE, your percentile would be around 64 to 74.

How many percentile is 60 in JEE mains?

For 60marks, you can get 80-82 percentile approximately. This percentile will fetch you a rank of 174000 approximately. At this rank you can get many good colleges. Hope this answer helps you.

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Is 49 percentile good in JEE Mains?

With overall 49 percentile in JEE Main exam, chances seem to be less of getting a seat in Government colleges through JoSAA Counselling. However, you might get a seat through state level counselling.

Can I get NIT with 77 percentile?

If you wish to get seat in NITs/IIITs/GFTIs you need to score minimum 97-98 percentile if you belong to general category and if you belong to OBC-NCL you need to score minimum 95-96 percentile and if you belong to SC/ST category you need to score minimum 93 percentile.

Is 25 a good score in JEE Mains?

A JEE Main score of 250 or higher is regarded as good and a JEE Mains score of 85-95 percentile is ideal for getting into NITs and IITs through the exam. Candidates must also be in the top 15,000 to 20,000 ranks to be accepted into the best NITs and IITs.

How to find the percentile?

Rank the values. Rank the values in the data set in order from smallest to largest. Multiply k by n. Multiply k (percent) by n (total number of values in the data set). Round up or down. Use your ranked data set to find your percentile.

Can I get nit with 86 percentile?

Considering you score of 86 Percentile in JEE Mains Examination your overall rank will comes around 143220 – 161000. With this Percentile your chance to get seat in top NITs and IITs is quite low. You have chances in State governments colleges and other colleges too.