How To Attempt Physics In Jee Mains?

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How can I do JEE Main in Physics?

Short notes of formulas: Read the Question thoroughly: Accuracy is the key: Previous Year Question Papers and Mock Tests: Revision every week: Study 3 hours, Analyse 3 hours:

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Is Physics hard in JEE mains?

Physics is not tough but tricky and challenging and yes it is conceptual so you have to study the NCERT textbook and and do the problems so practice hard to the previous year papers and you feel definitely score much better in the JEE mains examination. Hope this will help you good luck.

How can I get marks in Physics for JEE mains?

Read Books / Attend Class regularly. Make notes / short notes properly. Revise and Practise Questions from Books , Study Materials and Previous year papers. Build your Concepts and Confidence.

Is physics wallah enough for JEE Mains Physics?

Yes physics wallah will be a wonderful choice if you wished yo study for preparation of competitive exams such as JEE and NEET.

How many hours should I study Physics for JEE?

Revision after the study is very important, keep 1 to 2 hours for solving questions which you have studied. So 4 to 5 hours study starting form 11th class will be helpful for JEE. As the exam date approaches, say 6 months from the JEE Mains, the study hours need to be increased to 8 hours.

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Is NCERT enough for Physics JEE?

NCERT books explain all the topics in a more detailed way so that the students understand and perform well in the exam. JEE Main toppers and experts also recommend NCERT for JEE Main preparation.

Which is the toughest chapter in Physics for JEE?

Heat and Thermodynamics It is probably the most difficult yet one of the important topics for JEE Main Physics. Students who do not understand the application part of the topic often find it difficult to solve questions related to the topic.

Which is the toughest subject in JEE Main?

Maths is the most difficult section to score in the second and third papers of JEE Main. Aptitude test, which is the most scoring subject in JEE Main for B. Arch and B. Plan., should be given due focus by candidates.

Which is the toughest book for JEE Physics?

Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov This book is considered one of the toughest books for JEE Advanced physics. This book isn’t meant for beginners and must be done only after a complete practice of some standard JEE book or coaching material. Irodov contains questions only and there is no theory along with them.

Are formulas enough for JEE Mains Physics?

It is good that you know all the concepts and theories but in JEE mains all questions are not just formulas based but along with concept and formula some calculations and sometime tricky things may be present. And it also depends upon the person to person and sometime depends upon the exam level and types of questions.