How Much Is 99 Percentile In Jee 2019?

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How much is 99 percentile in JEE Main?

Still, if you are keeping a target of 99 percentile, you would have to get at least 180 or 180+ marks.

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What rank is 99 percentile in JEE?

Scoring 99 percentile in jee mains like competitive exams is a very good performance. Due to High competition, your rank will be approx. 11k on this percentile.

How much do you have to score to get 99 percentile?

There is no exact benchmark for 99 percentile, which ranges from 160 to 200 marks relying on the exam difficulty level and the candidates’ performance.

How much rank is 99.9 percentile?

It is so, in 2020, candidates with 99 percentile got ranks around 8,470.

Which NIT will I get with 99.8 percentile?

You will easily get a good branch like CSE and ECE with this much score of 99.8 percentile in jee mains. I will tell you that you can get top nits like NIT warangal , Trichy, Hamirpur etc.

Is 99th percentile top 1%?

Percentile is the percentage of people which are behind you. 99th percentile means you are in the top 1% of all the participants.

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Is scoring in the 99th percentile good?

What is 99th percentile? The 99th percentile is the highest percentile you can get. It means that you are one of the top scorers since you scored higher than 99% of students who took the test.

Can you ever be in the 100% percentile?

All percentiles are out of 99 and can be thought of as percentages. There is no such thing as a 100th percentile because you can never outscore the highest score (including if that highest score is yours, and even if you get a perfect score). As your percentile gets higher, it means you outscored more people.

What is the percentile for 120 marks?

——————–) your percentile will be roughly around 95 -96 percentile considering paper of moderate difficulty level .

Is it possible to have 100th percentile rank?

In fact, for this very reason, there’s no such thing as a 100th percentile. The person with the highest score is higher than everybody else, but not higher than herself, so she’s in the 99th percentile. If we are sticking with whole numbers, the 99th percentile is the highest possible percentile.