How Many Students Are Preparing For Jee This Year 2018?

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How many students prepare for IIT JEE?

10,26,799 unique students have registered for JEE Main 2022. How many students have appeared for JEE Main 2022? 9,05,590 unique students appeared for JEE Main 2022.

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How many students appear for JEE every year in India?

Around 10 lakh candidates appear every year for JEE Mains. Around 2 lakh candidates who qualified for this JEE Main were eligible for the JEE Advanced examination. Around 20000 candidates qualify, out of which only 10000 candidates get success to get seat in 23 different IITs.

How many students qualify for JEE Advanced 2022?

View details. Candidates should be among the top 2,50,000 successful candidates (including all categories) in B.E./B. Tech.

What percentage of students crack JEE?

The success rate of clearing IIT JEE is around 25-30%, meaning out of 100 students who appeared in JEE Advanced, 25-30 qualify the exam. In the year 2022, out of 1,55,538 students who gave JEE Advanced, 40,712 cleared the exam.

Is JEE tough for an average student?

Even though the IIT JEE is a tough examination in India, it is tough because of the competitive nature of the exam. However, a student who is dedicated and hardworking enough to learn, practice and be a step ahead of their peers can ace the exam.

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How many Iitians pass every year?

Lakhs of candidates appear every year for JEE Mains, from which less than half of the candidates qualify for the JEE Advanced. Around 20000 to 25000 candidates qualify, out of which only 10000 candidates get successful in getting seats in 23 different IITs. As the number of IITs increases, seats in IITs also increase.

How many people get selected in JEE every year?

Roughly 20,000 to 25,000 people qualify, but only 10,000 individuals are selected to attend one of the 23 IITs. As the number of IITs grows, so does the number of seats available. Candidates get admitted to IITs based on their JEE Advanced rank and the order in which the IITs are listed from top to bottom.

How many students get nit every year?

As of 2022, the total number of seats for undergraduate programs is 23,997 and for postgraduate programs 13,664 in all the 31 NITs put together.

Will JEE Advanced 2022 be easy?

Applicants who complete JEE Mains 2022 and are among the first 2.5 lakh rank holders will be eligible for JEE Advanced. When asked about the difficulty level, most of the students believe that Chemistry might be reasonably simple, however, Mathematics and Physics can prove quite difficult and time-consuming.

How many seats are there in 2022 IIT?

In 2022, the total number of BTech seats in all the IITs put together is around 16,053. So of all the students appearing for JEE Advanced, less than 1% finally get admission into one of the IITs. As per the NIRF ranking 2022 engineering, 8 IITs are placed in the top 10 engineering colleges in India.