How Many Students Appeared In Jee Advanced 2017?

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What was the level of JEE Advanced 2017?

On a moderate level. The paper was relatively easy than last year (2016).

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Which IIT made 2017 advanced paper?

The IIT JEE Advanced exam was conducted by the IIT Madras on the 21st of May in the year 2017. The exam was conducted in two sets of papers – Paper I and Paper-II.

How many students selected in JEE Advanced annually?

Lakhs of candidates appear every year for JEE Mains, from which less than half of the candidates qualify for the JEE Advanced. Around 20000 to 25000 candidates qualify, out of which only 10000 candidates get successful in getting seats in 23 different IITs. As the number of IITs increases, seats in IITs also increase.

Is JEE Advanced 2017 Tough?

Overall, Resonance experts feel that the paper was relatively easy than the last year. While Chemistry was overall most difficult, Mathematics was considered moderate overall while Physics was relatively easier than the other two subjects.

Was JEE Main 2017 Tough?

JEE Main 2017 exam was moderately easy, yet lengthy The weightage of marks tilted towards questions from the 12th standard syllabi. Physics was considered to be moderate in difficulty and length, with most finding it easier than the last year. Students encountered more calculative questions than theory-based.

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Which IIT gives toughest paper?

There is no particular IIT or any other conducting body that sets the toughest paper. The GATE exam has its own level, and every conducting body has to maintain that level while making papers for the candidates.

Which was the toughest JEE Advanced paper?

The mathematics section was the toughest in JEE Advanced 2021 Paper 1. Class 11th syllabus was given more weightage.

Which was the toughest IIT JEE paper?

Diamond is the hardest known material to date, with a Vickers hardness in the range of 70–150 GPa.

Who got all India rank 1 in JEE Advanced 2017?

Udaipur’s Kalpit Veerwal topped the IIT JEE Main 2017 and Haryana’s Sarvesh Mehtani topped IIT-JEE Advanced 2017. Read more about JEE Main Topper here.

Who got air 1 in JEE Advanced?

Candidates can also check the previous year’s JEE Advanced toppers in this article. Last year, R K Shishir from IIT Bombay zone had secured AIR 1 as per the JEE Advanced toppers 2023 list . Tanishka Kabra was the female All-India topper. Read the complete article to know more about toppers of JEE Advanced 2023.