How Many Isc Students Qualified Jee Main 2018?

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Is Jee easy for ICSE students?

The best decision should be to study in an ICSE school and keep a check on JEE syllabus so that you can cover your syllabus as well as master each one of them. Well among my friends, more numver of students from ICSE were able to crack JEE Mains as compared to CBSE.

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Can I crack Jee with ICSE?

Can ICSE/ISC Board students crack the IIT JEE or NEET exam? Yes, many ICSE and ISC students in the past have cleared JEE/ NEET with good ranks. If they can, you can. Don’t worry about your board exams during JEE or NEET preparation.

How many students appear for JEE every year in India?

Around 10 lakh candidates appear every year for JEE Mains. Around 2 lakh candidates who qualified for this JEE Main were eligible for the JEE Advanced examination. Around 20000 candidates qualify, out of which only 10000 candidates get success to get seat in 23 different IITs.

How many students qualify for IIT?

Lakhs of candidates appear every year for JEE Mains, from which less than half of the candidates qualify for the JEE Advanced. Around 20000 to 25000 candidates qualify, out of which only 10000 candidates get successful in getting seats in 23 different IITs. As the number of IITs increases, seats in IITs also increase.

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Is ISC tougher than CBSE?

Yes, ICSE is a bit tougher than CBSE because both boards have different levels of teaching. CBSE focusses more on theoretical knowledge whereas ICSE focusses on the practical aspect of the topic.

Is ISC better than CBSE for JEE?

ICSE or CBSE board, it doesn’t matter. Students must prepare for JEE/NEET exams the same way and with the same approach. It totally depends on the student whether he or she is gonna clear the exam or not.

Does ISC help in JEE?

2 Study From Class 11th: From ISC Class 11 and ISC 12th Self-study is one of the most important aspects of your JEE IIT preparation. Also Practice the JEE IIT question given in your text book at last of each exercise in Maths, Physics and Chemistry Textbook of ISC Board.

Is ICSE the toughest board in the world?

ICSE board is one of the toughest boards which is managed by CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination) compared to CBSE. Both have their own levels and it depends on how a student performs. With proper planning, students can excel in any board.

Is ICSE tougher than ISC?

The ISC Board stands for Indian School Certificate. This examination is conducted by the CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate) board for Grade 11 and 12 students. It is also considered tougher than the other boards for graduation.

Which is the toughest exam in India?

UPSC Civil Services Exam. IIT- JEE. Chartered Accountant (CA) NEET UG. AIIMS UG. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) National Defence Academy (NDA) Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT)