How Many Children Appeared In Fiit Jee For Class Xi?

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What is the selection percentage of Fiitjee IIT?

IIT-JEE’ 2006 was no different with 452 out of top 600 FIITJEE Classroom Program students qualified from Delhi Centres alone (75.33% Success Rate). A.I.R. – 1, 3, 6, 7, 10; 50 in Top 100 & 251 in Top 500 Ranks secured by FIITJEE students from various programs.

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Is Fiitjee best for IIT?

FIITJEE is the answer! “See, preparation for JEE does not start from class VI but yes, it will help you at a later stage to step into the world of JEE preparation with a lot more confidence & zeal. In my early years at FIITJEE, I got success in various milestone exams like Junior Science Olympiad & RMO.

How many phases are there in Fiitjee?

Entire course is divided into 5 phases (Class XI – 3 Phases & Class XII – 2 Phases) followed by special classes of Rank Improvement Program. Extensive coverage of additional topics for JEE Main & Advanced. Each phase has exhaustive quizzes and Phase Tests (both on JEE Main & JEE Advanced pattern).

How many batches are there in Fiitjee Kolkata?

Entire course is divided into 13 phases: 4 phases in class IX, 4 phases in Class X, and 3 phases in Class XI & 2 phases in Class XII followed by special classes of Rank Improvement Program.

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Is FIITJEE good for average students?

NOT GOOD FOR A AVERAGE STUDENT !!! FIITJEE is also one of them. Delhi FIITJEE is best but only for the students who has already studied from somewhere else also and very good in their studies. It means a student which has no any detailed overview of the subjects that they have to study in the institute.

Does everyone get admission in FIITJEE?

Students who are willing to join have to appear for an Admission Test conducted by FIITJEE. Based on the performance in the admission test, various programs will be offered according to his/her class.

Can I join FIITJEE in class 11?

FIITJEE’s Two Year Condensed Classroom Program has been designed for those students of class XI who could not join Two Year Classroom Program for some reasons. The Program is suited for only those students who can cope up well with both IIT-JEE training and school studies at this juncture.

Which is better Aakash or FIITJEE for IIT?

Aakash institute is well known for Medical and FIITJEE is good for IIT.

How much does FIITJEE pay its teachers?

The estimated take home salary of a Teacher at FIITJEE ranges between ₹ 84,324 per month to ₹ 86,529 per month in India. The take home salary calculation is based on the average FIITJEE Teacher salary in India which is ₹ 11.8 Lakhs per year for employees with experience between 4 years to 12 years.

How much do FIITJEE teachers earn?

Average FIITJEE Faculty salary in India is ₹ 11.0 Lakhs for experience between 1 years to 10 years. Faculty salary at FIITJEE India ranges between ₹ 5.2 Lakhs to ₹ 20.0 Lakhs. According to our estimates it is 214% more than the average Faculty Salary in Education & Training Companies.