How Many Appeared For Jee Mains 2019 In Hindi?

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Is 98.7 percentile in JEE Mains?

With 98.7 percentile score in JEE Mains, your rank would be around 12000 to 18000 I. The common rank list.

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What percentage is 150 in JEE Mains?

150 marks in jee is a good score . You have a decent score. You would be around 98 percentile.

Who got 300 in JEE Mains?

While many girls have scored good marks and ranks in the JEE Main and even JEE Advanced examination, it was Kavya Chopra who set the record of topping the exam with perfect 300 on 300 score.

What is the percentage of 250 marks in JEE Mains?

Percentile for 250 marks in JEE Main will be around 99.78 to 99.98.

What rank is 99.9 percentile in JEE mains?

It is so, in 2020, candidates with 99 percentile got ranks around 8,470. On this rank, candidates are likely to get Chemical Engineering in the aforesaid institute. The data is based on the JEE Main 2021 College Predictor prepared by

Can I get CSE in NIT with 98.5 percentile?

98.5 is a very good percentile and getting admission in top NITS depends on your category as well. If you belong to general category you can expect low ranked NITS but if you have any sort of reservation then you have a chance in top NITS as well.

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Can I get into NIT with 120 marks?

As you have scored 120 marks in jee mains, you can get seat in NIT (according to previous year cutoff).

Who is the girl topper of IIT?

The female topper is Tanishka Kabra of IIT Delhi zone who has topped JEE Advanced 2022.

What happens if I get 250 marks in JEE Mains?

A JEE Main score of 250 or higher is regarded as good and a JEE Mains score of 85-95 percentile is ideal for getting into NITs and IITs through the exam.

Who is the highest scorer in JEE?

Ans: R K Shishir has topped the IIT JEE Advanced 2022 exam with 314/360 marks. Q: Where can I check the toppers list for JEE Advanced?