How Jio Effected Jee?

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What is the effect of Jio?

Jio helped to bridge India’s digital divide… Within six months of Reliance Jio’s launch, India became the top mobile data user across the world consuming over 1 billion GB of data every month in comparison with 200 million GB earlier.

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How did Jio entered the market?

Jio, with 36 per cent market share, is the number one player in the segment. When Reliance Jio launched Jio on September 5, 2016, India had over 1.02 billion mobile users. These were served by 11 other firms in addition to Jio.

How did Reliance Jio become successful?

The secret behind Jio’s success is that it is customer-centric and has a webscale mentality. Reliance Jio made it look easy when it successfully swooped into the jam-packed and super competitive mobile market with free 4G voice and data service.

Why users are leaving Jio?

“Huge loss of mobile subscribers by Jio is the result of a combination of factors. It, of course, includes tariff hike but SIM consolidation and cleaning of inactive subscriber base also contributed to the loss. We don’t sense consumers boycotting the services as connectivity is an integral part of their daily needs.

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How does Jio disrupted the market?

Jio was touted as an industry disrupter for its ridiculously low data prices and for doing away entirely with charges for domestic calls. The telecom major’s offers was nothing short of audacious – unlimited free voice calls throughout the country and data priced cheap at Rs. 50 per GB.

What strategy did Jio use?

Reliance Jio used the Freemium model of subscription to attract customers. It provided the customers with free internet service for 3 months after which it charged a minimal cost to retain the customers. Because of this disruptive move, it forced its competitors to change the way their business is conducted.

Why do consumers prefer Jio?

32% users indicated that they use Jio as it is faster and 28% as cheap,” the brokerage’s finding revealed. Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey indicated that Bharti Airtel customers were least interested in using Jio as a primary SIM.

Who is the target audience of Jio?

Target Audience of Reliance Jio Reliance Jio majorly concentrates on the audience who are smartphone users. It provides the service of high-speed internet and great android mobile services. Jio targets the urban and two-tier middle and upper-class people. Jio works towards transforming India into a digital nation.

How Jio has impacted our lives after launch?

YouTube and Other Online Streaming Services have exploded. It was only after Jio that we saw a huge growth and emergence of Indian YouTubers. Since Jio brought so many people online, everyone had 1Gb per day to spend, YouTube is free and fastest way to spend the mobile data, gave new audience to the YouTubers.

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What are the disadvantages of Jio?

The daily Data Cap: The “Unlimited” 4G data plans in Jio comes with a twist. Refill to call: The voice calls can not be made until and unless you purchase any data plan from Jio. The “Night”: Jio offers unlimited data plans to all the customers with any of its tariff plans, but with a twist.