How Is Physics Galaxy Videos For Jee?

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Is physics Galaxy videos enough for JEE?

Physics Galaxy comprises extremely good content for theory and illustrations needed for preparation of all levels of Physics including JEE advanced and Physics Olympiad.

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Is physics Galaxy concept video enough?

It totally depends on your coping capabilities. You get the complete stuff about a topic and nothing irrelevant or out of JEE syllabus is taught,plus there are ample amount of solved examples in these lectures (on an average 10–15 per topic) to enhance problem solving skill.

Is physics galaxy good for JEE advance?

Great ! Physics Galaxy series of books by Ashish Arora are excellent for mastering Physics. Recommended to all sincere JEE Advanced aspirants.

Is physics Galaxy book for JEE mains?

GKP’s Physics Galaxy lecture notes series is an ideal preparation set for the Physics division of the exams such as IIT JEE (Mains and advance), BITSAT and NEET.

Which YouTube channel is enough for JEE?

With over a million followers, Unacademy JEE is among the best YouTube channels to help you decode JEE papers, revise, and form a study plan that will enable you to crack the exam with flying colours.

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Which YouTube channel is best for JEE physics?

There are plethora of youtube channels for the preparation of JEE exam. The popular one is Unacademy’s youtube channel where you can refer for all the subjects topic wise. Especially Sachin Rana’s lecture which is available on Unacademy as well as his separate channel for Maths, Chemistry and Physics are also there.

Who is the best Physics teacher in India for JEE?

NV Sir is a Champion of Physics. In his 17+ years as a teacher, he has been vital in guiding over 5500 IITians and World-Class Doctors.

How many hours should I study Physics a day?

So I will suggest you to give 2 hours for physics , 2 hours for chemistry and 1 hours for biology . Beside this include 1 hour in all the three for the revision whatever you have studied throughout the whole day .

How many hours is enough to study Physics?

The questions are concept based. 3–4 hours of physics is sufficient in a day for JEE…but the topics that you read …you should understand very well…then go for problem solving from reputed books like HC Verma’s concepts of physics,Halliday,Resnick and Walker-Physics…and lastly Irodov’s problem in general physics.

Which is best physics wallah or physics galaxy?

Physics Galaxy is the best channel out there for physics preparation.