How Is Megha Khandelwal Unacademy Tutor For Jee?

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Who is the best inorganic faculty on Unacademy?

Kapil Rana is the best inorganic chemistry teacher for JEE Mains and Advanced on Unacademy.

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Who is the best teacher of chemistry in Unacademy?

Monica Bedi – Unacademy Class. Vani Ma’am – Wold Of Chemistry. Pahul Sir – Vedantu JEE. Alakh Pandey – Physics Wallah.

Who is the best physical chemistry teacher on Unacademy for iit jee quora?

Brijesh Jindal sir is the best teacher in unacademy for physical chemistry.. If you follow him by heart then physical chemistry will become a cup of a tea.. his notes and sheets are enough for jee advanced..

Who is Megha Khandelwal?

Megha Khandelwal is the Director of Teacher Education Programs (including Minor in Secondary Education, Alternative Licensure and Master of Science for Teachers Programs), and an Adjunct Professor in Chemistry at New Mexico Tech (NMT).

Who is the top educators of Unacademy jee?

Mohammad Kashif Alam A Star faculty of IIT JEE with 11 Best Teaching Awards, Mohammad sir has been an exceptional coach to 6000 AIRs in the last 10+ years.

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Which teachers are best for Unacademy jee?

Maths:—Amarnath Anand sir (anna sir) Physics:—Amit Gupta sir (AG sir) Ioc:-Vishal Joshi sir(VJ sir) PC:-brijesh jindal sir(BJ sir) / akhilesh kanthari sir(AKk sir) Oc:-MKA sir / SKM sir.

Who is the best teacher for JEE?

Rank 1. Pradeep Kumar | Best Teacher For Online IIT JEE Mathematics. Pradeep Kumar is one of the best faculty for better preparation of IIT JEE Mathematics. Pradeep Kumar Msc Mathematics , IIT Bombay Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Toppers Academy.

What is the qualification of Megha Khandelwal?

I have qualified CSIR-UGC NET competitive exam in Chemical Science with AIR 25. Organic Chemistry is my specialization but I am equally proficient and capbale to teach iroganic and physcial chemistry.

Who is the best teacher for iit chemistry?

Sanjay K Thakur A legend of Chemistry specially for IIT JEE, NEET, Olympiad Exams for better preparation of IIT JEE Chemistry.

Who is the god of organic chemistry?

JITENDRA CHANDWANI (JC SIR) (DEPUTY DIRECTOR) MR. Jitendra comes with a teaching experience of 19 years in the teaching field and be called as the god of organic chemistry.