How Is Maths Cengage Jee Mqins?

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Is cengage mathematics for jee mains good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Recommended for both JEE Mains and Advanced. All books are in excellent condition.

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Are examples of Cengage maths enough for jee mains?

Yes cengage illustration are enough if you want to understand a topic. Then there are lots of questions of every level after chapter which will help you to master the topic ultimately leading to good score in jee mains. Was this worth your time?

Is Cengage maths hard?

Cengage is a very good book for mathematics and questions are of different variety from easy to hard.

Is cengage enough for jee mains?

Cengage book series is very good for JEE mains and JEE advanced. If you are solving this series then you don’t need any other book for JEE preparation. There are a total of 5 books which are Algebra, Trigonometry, Coordinate geometry, Calculus and Vectors, and 3D geometry.

Should I buy Cengage or DC Pandey?

It’s depends on your requirement. If your concepts are not clear you should go for Cengage as it has lot of theory with good explanation. It will help you to understand the concept better. If you need a book to practice questions then you should go for DC Pandey.

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Is Cengage maths better than Arihant?

The thing that makes Cengage better than arihant is that all the problems are solved with answers given with detailed solutions. In the end there is a dpp(daily practice problem) questions set given which has subtopic wise questions, which when solved with diligence can result in incredible marks.

Can I complete cengage maths in 1 year?

Its can be possible with regular and dedicated study but in case if you want to finish it early then you can schedule your study accordingly to the syllabus and the topics. Every topic have different marks assigned to it. Make you schedule and practice accordingly.

Which is better cengage or RD Sharma?

And for the foundation level, RD Sharma is a good option as CENGAGE is mainly for advanced levels. R D Sharma will help one to advance the skills from basic level to advanced level and once you reach the advanced level then you can go through the CENGAGE book.

Can an average math student crack JEE?

Short Answer – Yes, an average student can absolutely crack IIT JEE provided he/ she is ready to work hard with consistency. There have been many average students who cleared JEE with good ranks.

Is cengage examples enough for JEE?

Answer. Hi, As per my opinion and experience this book is ok for JEE mains preparation because it has variety of questions and students can practice every topic from this book it also host a very great number of examples, inside this book is also recommended for olympiads and JEE advanced.