How Is K L Kapoor Physical Chemistry For Iit Jee?

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Who is best teacher for Physical Chemistry JEE?

Mr. Akhilesh Kanther (AKK Sir), Co-founder and Director is the best faculty of Physical Chemistry in India.

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Which Sir is best for Physical Chemistry?

Answer. Akhilesh kumar kanther sir is god of physical chemistry.

Is JEE physical chemistry tough?

JEE is well known for its tough numericals- Be it Physics, Mathematics or Chemistry. But Physical Chemistry is the easiest of all three, because most questions asked from Physical Chemistry in JEE(Advanced) are simply based on formulae.

Which chemistry has highest weightage in JEE?

The weightage of organic chemistry remains constant almost every year and is the highest of all the 3 sections.

Who is god of chemistry in Kota?

He is an epitome of Inorganic Chemistry. Mr. Vishal Joshi has been the co-founder and HOD [Inorganic Chemistry] of a renowned institute of Kota, The Nucleus where thousands of students have stood out and wrote history of their own.

Who is king of Physical Chemistry in India?

Rao. Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra Rao BR, FNA, FASc, FRS, FTWAS, HonFRSC, MAE, HonFInstP (born 30 June 1934), is an Indian chemist who has worked mainly in solid-state and structural chemistry.

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Who is India’s No 1 Physics teacher?

NV Sir is a Champion of Physics. In his 17+ years as a teacher, he has been vital in guiding over 5500 IITians and World-Class Doctors.

How much marks is from physical chemistry?

You must attempt the organic and Physical Chemistry as they have a weightage equal to 30% and 35% respectively in JEE mains. Whereas, the inorganic c=part in chemistry paper is of 35% weightage, but you can leave this part as you can attempt both organic and physical. I hope that this will help.

Is RC Mukherjee enough for physical chemistry?

RC Mukherjee Chemistry is a one of the best Physical Chemistry books for JEE exam preparation, when it comes to numerical problems. Called ‘Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations’, this book excellently covers all types of numericals related to Physical Chemistry.

Is physical chemistry tough 11?

According to my experience in Class 11, Ionic Equilibrium, a part of Physical Chemistry is one of the most dreaded and tough subjects. Besides Ionic, Electrochemistry and Thermodynamics are also considered tough.