How Is Jd Lee For Jee In Class 11?

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Is JD Lee good for IIT JEE?

JD Lee’s Inorganic Chemistry book is very useful for JEE preparation as well as preparation for other engineering entrance exams. It is a concise book that covers the entire JEE syllabus and does not negotiate on the essentials of Inorganic Chemistry.

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Is JD Lee good for JEE Advanced?

A:Yes. Its has everything you need to learn in inorganic. You can refer other books for more practice but this is best for theory.

Which edition of JD Lee is best?

You should go with the adapted version of JD LEE from JEE point of view as the original one contains a lot of extra stuff not necessary from jee point of view.

Is JD Lee enough for JEE Advanced Quora?

Now coming to JEE Advanced preparation, JD LEE can be considered as the most ideal book for Inorganic Chemistry. The original version has lot of topics that are not required for IIT JEE syllabus. Go for the Sudershan Guha version. It’s more concise.