How Is 3500 Rnk In Cobc Category For Jee Adv?

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What is obc rank of 3500?

It is quite difficult to predict your exact rank with just your category rank but yes we can predict a range of expected in which your CRL Rank might falls. So according to the latest ranking data on OBC rank of 3500 CRL rank is expected to be in the range of 12131-14281.

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How much rank is required for IIT for OBC?

To get into any IIT institutes you have write JEE mains and JEE advance. JEE mains cut off for OBC is 95 and for JEE advance the cut off for OBC category is 114.

Which IIT can I get with OBC rank 5000?

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Indian Institute of Technology, ISM Dhanbad. Indian Institute of Technology Indore. Indian Institute of Technology Patna. Indian Institute of Technology Jammu.

What is general rank for OBC rank 1000?

We can’t tell you the exact ones but below we mentioned the predictable ones. In most of the cases, a rank of around 10000 to 12500 in general category would be a rank of around 1000 in OBC. So I think a score around 220 to 230 and above would be sufficient to get below 1000 rank in OBC.

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What is the OBC rank for 97 percentile?

With 97 percentile in JEE Mains 2021 CRL Rank would be around : 30690 – 34500 .

Can I get IIT with 4000 rank OBC?

At this rank in JEE Advanced, you won’t get any branch in IITs. Closing rank for students from OBC category of any branch in IITs is usually around 3.6k. I would suggest you to look for other government or private colleges. If you have a decent rank in JEE Main, you might also try for admission in NITs.

How many marks are required for OBC students in JEE Advanced?

To qualify in JEE advanced a OBC- NCL student need to score minimum of 9% of marks in each subject and minimum of 31.5% marks from aggregate marks.

Which IIT can I get with 6000 OBC rank?

IIT Delhi – Textile Technology. IIT Delhi – Civil Engineering. IIT Madras – Biological Engineering. IIT Kanpur – Material Science and Engineering.

Does OBC have advantage in JEE?

Candidates who belong to the category of OBC-NCL will get a 27% reservation in JEE Main and Advanced both. As we know there are different OBC lists prepared at the state and central level, to avail of the OBC-NCL reservation benefit, he/she must belong to the central OBC list.

Which IIT can I get with 3000 SC rank?

With 3000 rank in SC category in JEE Advanced 2019, you may not be able to get any IIT(including new ones) as the closing ranks for all the IITs in SC category is under 2500(rank under SC category). You can try for IISTs,etc using this rank or a better NIT with JEE main rank.