How Hard Did You Work For Jee?

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Is IIT all about hard work?

So, students, it’s very apparent that admission into the IIT will be backbreaking. It will require immense hard work, determination, and strategic and aggressive preparation.

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Is 1 years enough for JEE?

JEE preparation for 1 year is sufficient if a student is not targeting admission into IITs. If JEE preparation is done seriously for 1 year, a pretty good JEE Main rank can be obtained, which would be sufficient to secure a seat in an NIT.

How much hard work is needed for IIT Quora?

Extremely hard working: If they didn’t understand the topic in first 4 times, they will try for the 5th. They just don’t give up. If they don’t understand till end, they will make sure that they have solved 1000 problems of same category and have memorized the method to get the answer.

Is getting IIT easy?

There are various reasons why IIT JEE is the hardest test on the planet and is included under the top 10 toughest exams in India. The schedule is gigantic – crossing three subjects and just about 4 years of concentrate material.

Can a weak student clear IIT?

With the right preparation strategy, frequent study routine, effective time management & a positive mindset, even a weak or average student can crack IIT. Here are the steps to crack IIT.

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Is JEE stressful?

Most students used the hashtag “the most challenging entrance exam” to describe JEE. Students devote years of dedication and hard work to the JEE entrance exam, and this hard work is surrounded by stress, anxiety, fear, loss of sleep, and tension.

Can a normal person crack JEE?

Short Answer – Yes, an average student can absolutely crack IIT JEE provided he/ she is ready to work hard with consistency. There have been many average students who cleared JEE with good ranks.

Is 12 hours of studying enough for JEE?

Yes it is more than enough.

Is 12th too late for JEE?

Anyway, class 12th is not too late, you still have 1 year for jee, and if you prepare with dedication then you can definitely prepare well and can even make it to a good engineering college like NITs etc.

What is the lowest salary of IIT?

The salary package of students in top IITs usually ranges from INR 20-30 lakh per annum whereas, for other IITs, it is between INR 10-20 lakh per annum.