Does More People Take Neet Or Jee?

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Is NEET more difficult or JEE?

As for difficulty level, NEET is slightly tougher than JEE Mains but easier than JEE Advanced, but that is subjective, as seats are comparatively limited in NEET making it more competitive.

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Which is easier JEE mains or NEET?

While NEET is an entrance exam for medical, JEE is the entrance exam for engineering. Thinking broadly to decide which exam is easier, it may be said the JEE is tougher as it is a two-step process to crack the exam.

Which is worlds toughest exam?

China’s Gaokao exam has been rated to be the toughest in the world, which is a nine hour long exam. Nearly 12 million candidates appear for the exam on a yearly basis. England’s Mensa exam is placed at the fourth spot, followed by the GRE exam.

In which year NEET was toughest?

The NEET 2016 test pattern was virtually identical to the previous year’s. It was comparatively tough than the Biology part. It was the toughest of all three subjects.

Can I crack both JEE and NEET?

Yes, a student can prepare for both exams at the same time. If you are good in Math and Biology but cannot decide which to choose, JEE or NEET, take PCMB and perform simultaneous preparation for both exams.

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Is NEET 2023 hard or easy?

It’s a frequent misconception among medical students that the NEET exam becomes tougher every year. NEET 2023 may be more difficult or easier than NEET 2022 and preceding years. It is not advisable for a NEET aspirant to be concerned about these issues during the preparation process.

Which exam is tougher than JEE?

The GATE exam is definitely tougher than JEE (Advance or Mains) exams. The level of concepts and questions tested in the JEE papers are 11th and 12th whereas, in the GATE exam, undergraduate subject knowledge along with the General Aptitude of the student is tested.

Which is better IIT or NEET?

More or less, both are good in their perspective. Suppose you want your career to be in the medical field. In that case, NEET is the best option, while on the other hand, if you wish to do your job from an engineering perspective, then IIT JEE is the best option.

How many attempts are allowed in NEET?

It was then specified on the NEET upper age limit that only the reserved candidates below the age of 30 and the unreserved candidates below the age of 25 shall be permitted to appear for NEET with the maximum attempt limit being 3 in number.

Which is the 2 toughest exam in India?

IIT-JEE is an engineering entrance exam that allows students to gain admission into the top engineering institutes in India. It is considered to be the second toughest exam in India.