Does Any Dropper Brought 36 Rank In Jee Advanced?

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Has dropper ever topped JEE Advanced?

Has any dropper topped JEE? Yes, a few IIT JEE droppers performed quite well on the JEE exams. Keep in mind that the only thing that counts is perseverance and hard effort.

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Can dropper crack JEE Advanced?

Also, remember that the success rate of droppers in IIT JEE is between 50% and 60%. So, Be positive and read the entire blog to know some IIT JEE study plan for droppers to boost self study for JEE Mains 2022-23.

Has any dropper topped IIT JEE Quora?

Yes, Dungaram Choudhary got AIR 1 in JEE 2002. He studied from Bansal classes, kota. He was not from the top batches of Bansal classes. There is even a story which claims that his father sold his land to make him study in bansal classes.

Will 75 will be required for 2022 JEE advanced for droppers?

Yes, 75% criteria is removed for JEE 2022 for all applicants, be it freshers or droppers.