Do You Need To Be A Genius For Qualifying Jee?

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Is IQ important for JEE?

If you’re from a high socioeconomic background with a normal to high IQ, it might make the difference between degree of success, but it doesn’t show up with respect to finishing a college degree… No, IQ is for general real life questions , Its good to have IQ but not necessary in JEE.

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Is IIT only for geniuses?

IIT is not only for geniuses. It is for those who have the interest, passion, and determination to work hard and achieve their goals.

What is the IQ of JEE Advanced Toppers?

It is between 125 and 140. Few of them have a higher IQ, like 150 or 160, they are probably toppers if they have also worked hard a lot.

Can a weak student clear JEE?

Well, there is no doubt that the IIT JEE competitive exam is a tough nut to crack, but that doesn’t mean it is only meant for skilled or talented students. With the right preparation strategy, frequent study routine, effective time management & a positive mindset, even a weak or average student can crack IIT.

What is the average IQ of an Iitian?

Average IQ of iit students – IQ Score/ Average However, a 140 IQ is considered to be very high and would typically qualify someone for a top spot in their field.

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What is the IQ of Elon Musk?

Elon Musk IQ is close to this starting point, with an estimated score of 155. The typical genius has an IQ of around 140.

Are all JEE toppers genius?

The person who tops it is a person who can remember maximum number of tricks on the D-day. This can be achieved by being extremely hard working or by being brilliant because I guess that a person cannot store hundreds of thousands of tricks in his mind all the time. So, yes a person who tops JEE is indeed intelligent.

What did Bill Gates say about IIT?

Before today I didn’t understand that there was competition between the different IITs,” said Gates. Describing IIT as a ‘world class institute,’ ‘incredible institution,’ and ‘a unique institution,’ Gates said that the impact of IIT has been worldwide.

Is my life over if I don’t get into an IIT?

It is possible not to be an IITian and yet live a great life. Most of the youngsters believe that only the IITs and NITs can grant a fulfilling career. This is not true.

Do you need high IQ to crack JEE?

The most common question in the process of IIT JEE is that can an average student crack IIT JEE in the first attempt. The answer is obviously yes.