Do Regular Batches Of Fiitjee Cleaf Jee?

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Does FIITJEE prepare for JEE?

FIITJEE prepares you for JEE Main & JEE Advanced in a Pattern Proof Mode. This means that you are prepared to give your best and optimum performance even if the pattern of the exam is changed at the last minute.

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Is FIITJEE good for JEE?

No other institute in India has ever achieved this feat even once ! FIITJEE has produced the highest number of selections from Classroom Programs in IIT-JEE (JEE Advanced) in India consistently for the last 26 years – right since 1997 !

Can someone pass JEE without coaching?

Besides, if we look at the trend in previous years and the number of successful candidates in IIT JEE, it has been confirmed that even without joining coaching institutes, it is possible to crack the exam.

Is FIITJEE good for average students?

NOT GOOD FOR A AVERAGE STUDENT !!! FIITJEE is also one of them. Delhi FIITJEE is best but only for the students who has already studied from somewhere else also and very good in their studies. It means a student which has no any detailed overview of the subjects that they have to study in the institute.

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Is getting into FIITJEE hard?

Answer. Fiitjee’s entrance exam is extremely tough.. when I gave mine in class 10.. they gave inquiries from 11 12 material science . for instance they had attractive impact of current and I was so nave and “bhole bhala” that I felt that there would be no requirement for any additional exertion..

Which is better Aakash or FIITJEE for IIT?

Aakash institute is well known for Medical and FIITJEE is good for IIT.

How much should I score in FIITJEE exam?

75% is what everyone gets and 90% is what a few of them get and 100% is quite common . They give scholarship in infrastructure and in other criterias too . So don`t get too happy if u just scored 75% is quite an average and a poor score.

Which coaching is best for JEE?

Toppers Academy. Allen Career Institute. Resonance. FIITJEE. Narayana Group. Vidya Shekhar Academy. Aakash Institute. Vibrant Academy.

Is mridul from Allen or FIITJEE?

ALLEN Classroom Student: Mridul Agarwal JEE Topper.

Which coaching has highest success rate in JEE?

Which are the top coaching institutes for JEE Main 2023? Allen Kota, FIITJEE, South Delhi, BASE, Vibrant Academy, Resonance, Sri Chaitanya and Narayana and IITians Pace, Mumbai are some of the top coaching institutes for JEE Main preparation.