Do Or Die Chapters For Jee Advanced 2019?

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Was JEE Advanced 2019 Toughest?

The 2016 paper was tough because of the questions while 2019 paper was lengthy for maths, easy for chemistry and conceptual for physics. 2016 paper was more on the tougher side, there were questions which required lot of thinking, in 2019 questions were not tough but it required lot of time.

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Do or die chapters for JEE?

Chapters like Rotational Motion, Thermodynamics, SHM, Electrostatics, Magnetism, Optics, and Modern Physics among others are important in Physics. In Chemistry Chemical bonding, Electrochemistry, Coordination compound, Thermodynamics & thermochemistry, etc are important.

Are 4 months enough for JEE Advanced?

This time is enough if you are clear with the basic concepts. It demands the students to be academically strong as well as have other skills like analytical skills, time management, exam taking strategy, and situational intelligence.

What are the most scoring chapters for JEE Advanced?

Rotational Motion. Thermodynamics. SHM. Electrostatics. Magnetism. Optics. Modern Physics.

Which is the hardest paper of JEE Advanced?

The mathematics section was the toughest in JEE Advanced 2021 Paper 1.

Are 2 months enough to crack JEE?

You can definitely crack JEE Main in 2 months. There are no two opinions about it. Nonetheless, you must dedicate each minute in a planned manner. Support from proven JEE coaching centers would amplify the possibilities.

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How many hours do JEE toppers sleep?

Six hours of sleep is sufficient for jee preparation.

Which is the toughest chapter in JEE syllabus?

Heat and Thermodynamics. It is probably the most difficult yet one of the important topics for JEE Main Physics. Mechanics. JEE Main Physics is not all about theory and equations. Electrostatics and Magnetism. Current Electricity. Optics. Modern Physics. Electromagnetic Induction.

Can I qualify JEE Advanced in 10 days?

Ans: Of course, it is possible to secure a good rank in IIT JEE with the last 10 days’ preparation. At this time, you just need to focus on solving previous years’ questions and mock tests to assess your performance and practise more and more these days.

How many hours do JEE advance toppers study?

As suggested by toppers & mentors, students must devote at least 6 to 8 hours each day to prepare.