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How can we stop stressing about JEE?

1.Have a positive mindset throughout the process. 2.Make a to-do-list. 3.Look for varieties in studying spots. 4.Eat healthy and have a good sleep. 5.Always focus on quantity rather than quality. 6.Analyse your aptitude before appearing for JEE. 7.Don’t ignore revision. 8.Enjoy breaks.

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Is preparing for IIT stressful?

Sticking to a study schedule and keeping your focus clear is very important if you are aiming for IIT JEE. Enrolling in good JEE online classes will surely help you in your preparation. But, along with preparing for the exam, you do tend to get anxious and feel stressed out because of the pressure.

How do I deal with anxiety before JEE?


What happens if you couldn’t clear JEE?

If you were unable to crack JEE main, then don’t lose hope. There are plenty of options to get you placed in a decent engineering college. You can appear for State Level Engineering Entrance Exams like WBJEE, AP EAMCET, UPSEE, ONJEE, VITEEE, MET, SRMJEEE, and BITS Pilani.

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Does JEE have mental ability?

Analytical Reasoning Mental Ability (Visual, Numerical and Verbal). Part II – Three dimensional – perception: Understanding and appreciation of scale and proportion of objects, building forms and elements, colour texture, harmony and contrast. Design and drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in pencil.

Can a weak student clear JEE?

Well, there is no doubt that the IIT JEE competitive exam is a tough nut to crack, but that doesn’t mean it is only meant for skilled or talented students. With the right preparation strategy, frequent study routine, effective time management & a positive mindset, even a weak or average student can crack IIT.

How many hours do IIT students study per day?

As suggested by toppers & mentors, students must devote at least 6 to 8 hours each day to prepare. While preparing it is advised to take adequate breaks during study hours. It will help to freshen up the mind & enhance concentration for the next studies.

How many hours study per day in IIT?

Revision after the study is very important, keep 1 to 2 hours for solving questions which you have studied. So 4 to 5 hours study starting form 11th class will be helpful for JEE. As the exam date approaches, say 6 months from the JEE Mains, the study hours need to be increased to 8 hours.

How many hours should I sleep for IIT?

The brain also needs proper rest in the form of sleep and students should get an ample amount of sleep to study productively. It’s important to be healthy as well. Hence, 6-7 hours of sleep is a must.

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How can I overcome my fear of JEE Advanced?

Be Confident and Believe In Yourself. Follow a Healthy Diet. Avoid Reading at the end moment. Do Not Discuss with Others. Relax and Sleep Well. Arrive early to the Exam Centre.