Can We Wear Full Sleeve Shirt In Jee Mains 2019?

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Can we wear full sleeves in jee mains?

(2) Candidates will only be allowed to wear half sleeve and lightweight comfortable clothes. Clothes with drapes will also not be allowed.

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Is there dress code for JEE?

NTA is conducting the JEE Main 2023 session 1 exam from January 24 to February 1 in computer-based mode. Like the first phase, this time there is no mention of the dress code that one should follow on the day of the exam.

Are shoes not allowed in JEE?

Clothes with too many pockets must be avoided. Scarf, cap, dupatta, etc are not allowed. Garments with large buttons and footwear with thick soles will not be allowed.

Can I wear shorts in JEE?

When it comes to the JEE Main dress code, there are a few things that students should keep in mind. Firstly, it is important to dress appropriately for the examination. This means that students should avoid wearing any clothing that is revealing, such as revealing tops or shorts.

Are full sleeves allowed in NEET?

As per the NEET dress code, male candidates should ensure that they wear half sleeve shirts/T-shirts as full sleeve shirts are not allowed on the day of the examination. Clothes worn by male candidates should be light i.e. zip pockets, pockets, big buttons and clothes with elaborate embroidery should not be there.

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Can I wear full sleeves in gate exam?

Candidates should avoid wearing clothes that have too many pockets. Candidates are advised to wear dresses that are basic and simple.

Which dress is allowed in JEE mains?

Go for light coloured clothes with half sleeves like T shirts. Avoid clothes with large buttons and any type of jewelry. If you wear a specific attire for religious or customary reasons, reach the exam venue early and undergo mandatory frisking.

Can we go to washroom during JEE?

There’s no restrictions on the use of washroom during the exam.

Is Tattoo allowed in JEE?

There are no restrictions on personal choices in Indian higher education institutions such as IITs. There are no restrictions on personal choices in Indian higher education institutions such as IITs.

Is money allowed in JEE?

Thus the possibility is 50% that you can take or may not take. But one thing is sure that you can take the pursue but you can take little amount of money in your pocket.