Can We Read Novels During Jee Preparation?

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Can I read novels while preparing for JEE?

If you have sufficient time for JEE preparation, then you can definitely go through the standard Books , which really helps in making your concept clear.

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Is it okay to read novels during exams?

But here’s one thing you probably haven’t thought of: try picking up a novel to reduce stress. This may seem counterintuitive because study breaks would normally be used to sleep or relax. But, reading a novel could help your brain take a break from your studying and test content but still keep it activated.

What should we not do during JEE Prep?

Forgetting to stick to the JEE Syllabus. Less attention to NCERT Books. Measuring progress in terms of the number of hours put in the preparation. Ignoring the chapters that you find hard to understand. Too many study resources. Being under-confident.

Is it OK to use social media during JEE preparation?

You can contact your friends when necessary by phone call. You need to stay away from social media as it will keep you engaged the whole day.

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Which books did Toppers use for JEE?

For Mathematics: Objective Mathematics For JEE By RD Sharma, Mathematics For JEE Mains by G. For Physics: HC Verma Volume 1 and Volume 2, University Physics, physics For IIT JEE By BM Sharma and Problems in General Physics by I.E.

Is 12 hours of studying enough for JEE?

Yes it is more than enough.

Is it good to read books before exams?

Reading slows the heart rate and eases tension in muscles. Plus, you can literally “lose yourself” in a book; reading stimulates creativity, which leads to an altered state of consciousness that is far, far away from the 100 question exam review on your desk.

Is it good to read while studying?

The majority of students study by re-reading notes and textbooks — but the psychologists’ research, both in lab experiments and of actual students in classes, shows this is a terrible way to learn material.

Is reading a book a good study break?

Indulge Yourself by Reading or Watching 20 Minutes of Your Favorite Book or Show. Reading (or watching) something fun is a great way to break up a study session. It can also help give your brain a break as it shifts to processing entertaining (as opposed to academic) content.

Can a dropper get air 1?

If you will score good marls you will easily definitely get good rank and yes droppers too can get top ranks.