Can State 2 Students Win Jee?

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Can two people get the same rank in JEE?

Resolution by finding the ratio of positive marks and negative marks. Candidate having higher absolute value of the ratio will be given better rank. If the resolution is not possible after this criterion, candidates will be given the same rank.

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Is states of matter important for JEE?

ANS: States of matter does fall under the important topics, which help you in scoring good in JEE. Following are the concepts that should be studied carefully: Different states of matter- liquid, gases, solids. Van Der Waals forces.

Which state is best for JEE preparation?

Uttar Pradesh bagged the top spot in JEE (Advanced) results, with 3,864 qualified candidates, followed by Rajasthan with 3,339 candidates clearing the engineering entrance exam.

Are 2 years enough for JEE preparation?

Typically speaking, 2 years (Class 11 and 12) are enough to prepare for JEE, if the preparation is done very seriously. However, many students start JEE preparation from as early as Class 8. Also, some students prepare for JEE only for 1 year.

What is 75% rule in JEE?

As per the latest notification, JEE Main eligibility marks in 12th is 75% marks or in the top 20 percentile of any education board will be eligible to get admission to the (NITs), (IIITs) and CFTIs. According to the eligibility criteria of JEE Main 2023 for SC / ST candidates, the qualifying marks should be 65%.

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Is 70000 a good rank in JEE Mains?

Answer. Well, a rank of 70,000 is enough to get u in some good government colleges. It will also fetch u admission in NIT bt u will nt get into top nit’s. U can get core branches in pec chndigrh ,GNDU, LPU & many other gud universities.

Is JEE difficult for state board students?

Know what needs to be Done. JEE is more competitive than state board CETs. But state board students can definitely crack this examination, provided they know what needs to be done. Cracking 300 + is not easy – it requires practice, time and many more factors.

Which is the easiest subject to score in JEE?

Among the three subjects, Chemistry is the easiest subject to score high marks. Mathematics was the most difficult, while Physics was sandwiched between the two.

Can I skip Chemistry in JEE?

Chemistry Chapters Candidates Can Skip for JEE Main Let us look at the below-mentioned concepts from the Solutions. Let us look at the below-mentioned concepts from the Purification Characterisation Organic Compounds.

Which state has most IIT toppers?

When it comes to the number of students registering for this nationwide entrance exam for admission to the prestigious IITs, Uttar Pradesh tops the chart with 22807 candidates.