Can One Score 300 In Jee Mains In 7 Months?

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Are 7 months enough for JEE Mains?

Although most students usually take one or two years to prepare for JEE Main and Advanced, you can also ace these exams with a tight study routine of 6 months. All it requires is hard work and dedication.

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Can I top JEE Mains in 6 months?

The answer is ‘yes’. We consider that JEE Main is a highly competitive national-level examination conducted by NTA. If you dedicate yourself to the preparation process, you must put in substantial effort and prepare your mind. The syllabus contains topics from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Is it possible to score 300 marks in JEE Mains?

Many students think that it is next to impossible to score more than 300 in last month to JEE Main. However, I think it is totally achievable and depends on how dedicatedly aspirant studies and prepares. It is important to study smart and have a strategy that can help you score high.

Can IIT be cracked in 7 months?

It is possible to crack iit jee advance in 7-8 months for an average student.

Is studying 7 hours a day enough for JEE?

So 4 to 5 hours study starting form 11th class will be helpful for JEE. As the exam date approaches, say 6 months from the JEE Mains, the study hours need to be increased to 8 hours. Give more focus on revision and solving last year’s JEE Mains and Advanced question papers.

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Can I get IIT Bombay in 6 months?

Yes, you can crack IIT in 6 months if you are determined and motivated. Make sure your concepts are clear and you build strong fundamentals. You should give quality time to your preparation don’t go for numbers. 1-Aspirants are advised to carefully analyze the paper pattern and the syllabus of JEE.

Are 5 months enough for JEE Mains?

Even if you study 6-7 hours but with full concenteration it will also be enough. I will personally guide you to keep your targey of 200 marks. Join some test series from a local coaching instotute or a renowned institute to keep pace of your preparation. Study each day like you are giving the JEE paper.

Is 9 months enough for JEE Mains?

Off course, Nothing is impossible you can achieve if you base is strong you can crack it very good marks try to focus more on practice more question and solved last 5 years papers which gives you a better idea about the pattern of jee exam.

Can I top JEE in 3 months?

It is possible to crack JEE Main in 3 months with strategic planning and proper time management. Since you have less time, it will be better not to join coaching. Self-study will work better.

Is JEE Main possible in 40 days?

40 days is quite less time but with adequate time management and proper study schedules you should be able to fare well in your JEE Mains Examinations. Given below are a few tips and tricks you can use while preparing for the examination.