Can I Skipped Organic Chemistry For Je Jee Advance?

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Is organic chemistry important for JEE Advanced?

Organic chemistry is the study of the structure, properties, preparation, and composition of carbon-containing compounds and it also deals with the behavior of these carbon compounds under a different set of conditions. Organic Chemistry is the most important chapter for the JEE Advance exam.

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What happens if you skip organic chemistry?

It is possible! But you shouldn’t be doing this. Organic involves 33–40% of the entire chemistry paper, if you leave it, you will be left with 60% of the paper to attempt from. That will reduce your chances of scoring high in the JEE overall.

Can you crack JEE without organic chemistry?

This will help you understand the concepts in more detail so you don’t forget them. Of course, inorganic chemistry is very important for JEE Mains, but you cannot skip on organic chemistry as there will be questions of those too in the exam. This is one of the best books to help study for organic chemistry.

Is organic chemistry easy for JEE Advanced?

So it is not an easy task. One has to prepare oneself through various processes. Reading only NCERT books is not sufficient to score good marks in any subject or topic in jee advanced specially in organic chemistry. Understanding mechanisms of reactions is the moto in organic chemistry .

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Can I complete organic chemistry in 1 month?

This subject organic chemistry is considered most interesting part of the whole syllabus if you are preparing for boards then you can easily. Finish it within a month or two. But the guidance is very important to cover the syllabus. Accordingly 1 month is required to complete the organic chemistry.

Can I master organic chemistry in 1 month?

As this is the part in which you need a good and experienced teacher because in this subject you need to understand the reaction and things how they are happening and their behavior and it will need time and a good tutor. So frankly speaking you can not understand the real organic chemistry in one month.

Do most people fail organic chemistry?

An average of 40% of students who take the course fail the first time taking it. There is an average of an almost 50% fail rate among universities across the nation. “Organic chemistry has definitely been the most challenging class I have ever taken.

Do a lot of people fail organic chemistry?

One survey ranks organic chemistry as the hardest class in college. By some studies, nearly one in every two organic chemistry students fail or drop the class.

Can I complete organic chemistry in 3 months?

Depending on the time you have for the preparation of NEET, Organic Chemistry can be completed in 3 months or 7 days! There is no fixed duration.

Who is the god of organic chemistry?

JITENDRA CHANDWANI (JC SIR) (DEPUTY DIRECTOR) MR. Jitendra comes with a teaching experience of 19 years in the teaching field and be called as the god of organic chemistry.