Can I Get Into Bits Pilani Through Jee?

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Is JEE Mains enough for BITS Pilani?

The exams are conducted through respective portals, and the admission criteria and subjects differ. Although it is said, the preparation for JEE Mains is enough to crack BITSAT. However, a little more focus is needed for BITSAT as it includes English and Logical Reasoning in their entrance tests.

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How much JEE percentile is required for BITS Pilani?

The candidate should have scored minimum 75% marks in aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Can I give BITSAT with JEE preparation?

A good preparation of JEE Main exam is sufficient to crack BITSAT. The syllabus of BITSAT and JEE Mains is almost similar from Class 11 and 12. However, the BITSAT exam does contain 2 additional subjects namely English and Logical Reasoning.

Can I get into BITS Pilani without BITSAT?

BITS Pilani Direct Admission for Board Topper The Institute offers direct admission to first rank students of all the central and state boards to the programme of their choice, irrespective of their BITSAT score.

Is BITSAT as tough as JEE?

BITSAT is almost at the same level as JEE Main. You need to have good speed and accuracy to clear both the exams. JEE Advanced is tougher than BITSAT as it demands more in-depth understanding of concepts. The BITSAT and JEE preparation is similar.

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Which is more difficult JEE or BITSAT?

Both of these exams are popular choices to study in good institutes in our country and hence, the difficulty level is expected to be high. JEE Main questions are more conceptual. BITSAT questions are more direct. Has conceptually based questions and level of questions higher than BITSAT.

Is 120 a good score in BITSAT?

Answer. No no no , you marks are not enough to qualify BITSAT .

What is a decent score in BITSAT?

Good Score in BITSAT 2023 for B. Based on the past cutoff analysis, any candidate scoring 230+ marks in BITSAT 2023 will have chances to secure admission in B. Pharm in any of the three campuses of BITS. Therefore, any score above 230 marks in BITSAT 2023 can be considered as a good score for B.

Is 100 a good score in BITSAT?

To get a seat in any branch of any campus of BITS Pilani, you need 220+ marks in BITSAT exam. As you have scored only 100 marks, so you won’t be able to get a seat in any branch of any campus of BITS Pilani. Also as BITS Pilani is a private Institute, it has no reservations criteria.

Which exam is easy JEE or BITSAT?

BITSAT is more competitive than the JEE exam. In BITSAT, students have to solve 150 questions in 180 minutes. In JEE, students have to solve 90 questions in 180 minutes. Students with good English stand a better chance of cracking BITSAT.