Can I Crack Jee Without Coaching?

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Can someone top JEE without coaching?

But self-study can prove to be a beneficial factor if you wish to crack JEE Main 2023 without joining any coaching institute. You must devote the maximum possible hours in self-study. Study every topic in detail and practice as much as possible.

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Who cracked IIT JEE without coaching?

This is the story of Navin Kabra who succeeded in cracking the IIT JEE without coaching. He achieved an impressive AIR 14 in the JEE (1988) in a very unconventional way.

Can I crack JEE in 6 months without coaching?

Although most students usually take one or two years to prepare for JEE Main and Advanced, you can also ace these exams with a tight study routine of 6 months. All it requires is hard work and dedication.

How can I get JEE without coaching?

Start your preparation with proper knowledge of syllabus and exam pattern. JEE Main Exam Pattern. Best study material for JEE Main. Important Books for Chemistry. Important Books for Mathematics. Self study is the foundation of your preparation. Practise is important. Make revision your habit from day one.