Can I Carry Pencil And Eraser In Jee Advanced 2018?

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Is pencil allowed in JEE Advanced?

Black ballpoint pen with the transparent body will only be allowed in the exam hall. Small erasers and wooden pencils can be taken in the exam hall.

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Can I use pencil in JEE?

Candidates are not allowed to carry any stationery items, geometry or pencil box, paper/textual material (printed or written material) in the JEE main exam hall.

Is blue pen allowed in JEE Advanced?

Hope you are doing well. In most of the exam centres, they provide you with their own pens and scribble pads. But if it is written in the examination admit card, that you should only carry a black pen, then you must carry only black ballpoint pen.

Is scribble pad given in JEE advanced enough?

I’d recommend you to take a pencil and eraser, just in case. The scribble pad had exactly 28 pages making it 56 if you count both sides of abouth 1/3rd of A4 size page . It was more the enough, you will never need an extra pad.

Can we wear jeans in JEE Advanced?

You can definitely wear a half sleeves shirt or tshirt and jeans or trousers according to the JEE Advanced advisory. Make sure that the clothes do not have too much pockets in them.

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Are pencils allowed in exams?

You can bring any of the approved materials that are permitted into all examinations including pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, sharpeners and rulers.

Can we wear bra in JEE mains?

JEE Main 2023 Dress Code for Female Candidates (2) Clothing items with metallic details are prohibited. For example – belts, underwired bras etc. (3) Normal T-shirt and jeans, or top/kurta with leggings are advisable. Cotton, Khadi, and other breathable fabrics must be preferred.

What is the dress code for JEE Advanced?

JEE Advanced 2023 Dresscode – What to Wear Candidates must note that they must wear clothes that are simple and comfortable. JEE Advanced is a 6-hour-long exam, therefore wear something that is lightweight and breathable.

Is pencil allowed in boards?

As per CBSE term 1 exam day guidelines, the candidates are allowed to use blue or black ballpoint pen to darken the correct answer in CBSE OMR sheet. However, use of pencil is prohibited. All the best for your exams.

Can we wear earrings in JEE Advanced?

Students must not wear any kind of jewelry or ornaments. Candidates must not wear any kind of metallic items or any cloth/items containing metal.