Can A Dropper Crack Jee In 3 Months?

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Can I crack JEE with 3 months of preparation?

It is possible to crack JEE Main in 3 months with strategic planning and proper time management. Since you have less time, it will be better not to join coaching.

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How long should I study for dropper JEE?

A JEE dropper should study for minimum 8-10 hours everyday, including coaching timings. Number of study hours also depends on a person’s IQ. Try to complete your daily or weekly targets. How was your time management during the exam, if you attempted JEE?

Can I crack JEE as a dropper?

Also, remember that the success rate of droppers in IIT JEE is between 50% and 60%. So, Be positive and read the entire blog to know some IIT JEE study plan for droppers to boost self study for JEE Mains 2022-23.

Can I crack JEE Mains in 4 months if I start from scratch?

4 months are more than enough for even an average student to crack the JEE Main. However, consistent preparation is the key.

How can I get 1000 rank in JEE Main in 3 months?

Prepare A Well-laid Plan. Get Hold Of The Syllabus. Manage your time effectively. Understand Basic Concepts. Choose The Right Study Material. Solve JEE Advanced question papers.

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Is it possible to get 200 marks in JEE mains in 3 months?

yes! It is absolutely possible to score around 200+ or 250+ in jee main in the last 3months,things required for it are : crash course books. test practice sheets.

Can a dropper get air 1?

If you will score good marls you will easily definitely get good rank and yes droppers too can get top ranks.

Has any dropper ever topped JEE?

Has any dropper topped JEE? Yes, a few IIT JEE droppers performed quite well on the JEE exams. Keep in mind that the only thing that counts is perseverance and hard effort.

Is studying 12 hours a day enough for JEE?

A 16-18 hours study timetable for JEE must include time for study and other activities like breaks, entertainment, school, coaching, games, exercise, relaxing time, etc. Make sure you have 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep to get the best result out of your studies.

Are most IITians droppers?

It must be kept in mind that most IITians are droppers and they bring excellent and valuable skills and results to the table if given the opportunity. To get that one seat in top Engineering college, Vedantu has brought Aakrosh 1-Yr JEE (Main+Adv.) for Repeaters 2022-2023.