Are Nta Jee Paper Harder Than Cbse?

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What is the difficulty level of NTA test Abhyas?

NTA Abhyas mock tests difficulty level is same that of real exam difficulty level. So you might score in the same range in JEE Main examination that is less than or equal to 100-120 marks. You may score 150-180 marks if you practice thoroughly and give more number of mock tests.

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Which paper is tough in JEE mains?

JEE Main 27 July 2022 Shift 1 Paper Analysis by Aakash Overall, Mathematics was the toughest while Physics and Chemistry were easier in comparison. Mathematics – For a large section of students, the Mathematics part was moderate.

Is NTA mock test tougher than Jee?

ANSWER (1) It was either easier or of the same level as the actual JEE Main but can’t be tougher than that. Dear aspirant, Difficulty levels, pattern, syllabus and questions are just similar to NTA Exams, and almost all questions are from NCRET, it’s a great platform to judge your preparation.

Which exam is as tough as JEE?

The GATE exam is definitely tougher than JEE (Advance or Mains) exams. The level of concepts and questions tested in the JEE papers are 11th and 12th whereas, in the GATE exam, undergraduate subject knowledge along with the General Aptitude of the student is tested.

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Is 60 NTA score good?

Your score is very decent and it is not possible to know your raw score because your percentile does not shows your marks percentage rather it shows the percentage of your rank. So from your score, your general rank would be around 3.4 lacs.

Is 70 NTA score good?

Answer. According to your percentile score, chances would be less to qualify for the JEE Advanced exam. 85 percentile score is considered to be a decent score to qualify for the Advanced exam as per the experts of various leading coaching institutes but this is also not clear.

Which IIT gives toughest paper?

There is no particular IIT or any other conducting body that sets the toughest paper. The GATE exam has its own level, and every conducting body has to maintain that level while making papers for the candidates.

Which JEE Main Shift was toughest 2022?

Candidates can check the JEE Main 2022 exam session 2 difficulty level ratings released by resonance for July 25 to July 29 shift 1 and shift 2 below. As per the ratings given above, JEE Main July 26th Shift 2 was the toughest shift in JEE Main 2022 session 2.

Is JEE Mains toughest exam in the world?

The IIT JEE exam has been rated as the second-toughest in the world and the toughest in India. The platform determined that the IIT acceptance rates are at 1%, making it the second-toughest exam in the world. “The complexity of the exam is rising every year as a result of greater competition.

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Are NTA papers hard?

The tests on the NTA app had very tough and lengthy physics questions. One of my coaching mates even showed me how one of the questions he had solved was a derivative of a question from Irodov.