Are Inverse Trigonometric Functions In Jee?

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Is inverse trigonometry important for JEE?

Answer. Hello, Yes it is a very important topic as if the concepts of this chapter is not clear then you may not solve derivative and integration problems related to this chapter.

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What is the weightage of inverse trigonometric functions in JEE?

Maths – Inverse Trigonometric Functions Weightage: 2% Circles and Family of Circles Weightage: 6% Sequence and Series Weightage: 5% Applications of Derivative Weightage: 4% Limit and Continuity Weightage: 3% Matrices and Determinants Weightage: 4% Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines Weightage: 2% 3-D Geometry …

Is trigonometric functions important for JEE?

Practising Maths alongside other subjects (Physics, Chemistry) as much as possible will help you to secure the best possible rank in the JEE Mains exam. Trigonometry is one of the most important topics in mathematics.

Which chapters come under trigonometry for JEE?

Trigonometric Identities. Trigonometric equations. Solution Of Triangles. Inverse Trigonometric functions.

What is 75% rule in JEE?

As per the latest notification, JEE Main eligibility marks in 12th is 75% marks or in the top 20 percentile of any education board will be eligible to get admission to the (NITs), (IIITs) and CFTIs. According to the eligibility criteria of JEE Main 2023 for SC / ST candidates, the qualifying marks should be 65%.

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Is inverse trigonometry hard for JEE?

Trigonometry is considered to be one of the easiest topics in mathematics by the aspirants of IIT JEE, AIEEE and other state level engineering examination preparation.

Which topic has highest weightage in JEE?

Some Basic Principles Of Organic Chemistry. p-block Elements. Coordination Compounds. Chemical Thermodynamics.

Which topic has highest weightage in JEE Maths?

Sets, Relations and Functions. Quadratic Equations. Logarithms. Trigonometry. Sequence and Series. Integral Calculus. Quadratic Equation. Coordinate Geometry.

Which subject has most weightage in JEE?

In the JEE Main question paper, chemistry is said to be the scoring subject as per the experts and this subject consists of 4 tough level questions, 11 medium level questions and 10 easy level questions.

Why is JEE Main maths so difficult?

The jee mains maths important topics are hard to find, because questions in this section cover almost all the topics given in the jee main syllabus of maths. The student should also have a good calculation and problem solving speed to score maximum in this section.