Are Compartment And Improvement Marks Considered For Jee?

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Does nit accept compartment students?

The only requirement is that a candidate must be passed in his/her class XII(% scores will not be an issue this year). Accordingly, if a student appears for any compartment exam and clears it then he/she is eligible for the admission to NITs also(as is asked in the question).

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What is the difference between compartment and supplementary?

As per the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) the terminology supplementary and compartment means the same and are interchangeable.

Can marks decrease in improvement?

the marks which you would get after the improvement process will be counted. for example, your actual marks were 30 out of 100. after improvement, you slip down to 22, then, 22 marks would be counted. The lesser marks will be added in the mark sheet as it is the final chance or the last chance you attempted .