Are Cengage Book Apropriate For Jee Mains?

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Is Cengage useful for JEE mains?

5.0 out of 5 stars Recommended for both JEE Mains and Advanced.

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Is Cengage good for JEE preparation?

Each student should go for cengage books. The best book for preparing iitjee.

Is Cengage examples enough for JEE?

Answer. Hi, As per my opinion and experience this book is ok for JEE mains preparation because it has variety of questions and students can practice every topic from this book it also host a very great number of examples, inside this book is also recommended for olympiads and JEE advanced.

Should I buy Cengage or arihant?

Cengage is an amazing book with questions which are more than enough for JEE. The thing that makes Cengage better than arihant is that all the problems are solved with answers given with detailed solutions.

Should I buy Cengage or DC Pandey?

It’s depends on your requirement. If your concepts are not clear you should go for Cengage as it has lot of theory with good explanation. It will help you to understand the concept better. If you need a book to practice questions then you should go for DC Pandey.

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Which is better Cengage or RD Sharma?

Both the books are good for JEE Preparation. RD sharma is good for initial level and after that you should go for Cengage. Cengage book is basically for JEE Advanced.

Which is better for JEE maths arihant or Cengage?

Both books are equally good and you cannot compare between them but the best for jee mains and advanced preparations (especially for advanced preparation) is Cengage series. Cengage series is more preferred because it helps in giving exact idea about questions asked in jee advance.

Is Cengage enough for JEE Mains chemistry?

So you can surely prefer cengage for chemistry. For all the three inorganic, organic and physical. as for Jee advanced cengage is best book because level of question and ellaborative theoretical topics makes the book best .

Which is the easiest subject to score in JEE Mains?

While preparing for JEE Main, you must have noticed that Chemistry involves more information than concepts. So, it becomes easier to score in this section than Physics and Mathematics.

Should you solve all questions in Cengage?

Cengage is a good and one of the most referred book for JEE. Don’t attempt /try all the questions but atleast do half of the questions of each chapter. Do odd number questions or even numbered questions. It depends on you.