Can A Forgen Medical Graduate Can Apply For Ias Exam?

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Can foreign students apply for UPSC?

The citizens of other countries can also apply for UPSC under certain conditions, all of which are mentioned below. It is important to note that the eligibility criteria concerning the nationality of the applicant are mentioned post-wise: For IAS and IPS: The candidate must be a citizen of India.

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Is foreign degree valid in India for UPSC?

Is foreign degree valid for upsc in india? Yes foreign degree is definitely valid in india but as long as the foreign university from where you get your degree is accredited, approved by the competent authorities in that country and you also need to get aiu equivalence certificate.

Can a foreign medical graduate write UPSC or other civil services exams in India without passing an MCI screening test?

After successful completion, FMGE candidates can work in UK or India that too without MCI screening because MCI screening test is not required for UK doctors.

Can a non Indian Be IAS?

Posts like IAS, IPS, and IFS are strictly reserved for the Indian citizens. However, the NRIs with the eligibility certificate can appear for the same exam.

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Who Cannot apply for IAS?

Restrictions for the Examination If a candidate is appointed as an IAS or IFS officer after their civil service examination 2022, preliminary and he/she continues to serve the officer, then the candidates under such cases are not allowed to apply for the civil service examination, main 2022.

Is foreign medical degree valid in India?

Recently it has been announced by the Board of Governors – Medical Council of India, that postgraduates from any country across the globe will be allowed to practice medicine in India and will be hired by Medical Colleges, Hospitals, Nursing Homes on the basis of the results of DNB (Diplomate of National Board) Exams.

What if a IAS officer wants to study abroad?

If you have gone abroad on ‘foreign training’ earlier can become eligible again after a cooling-off period of five years. As an officer, you should have a clean record in service to be eligible for this study leave. It would help if you did not have any pending departmental procedures against your name.

Do foreign degrees have value in India?

However, foreign university degrees are often held in the same regard as a degree from a prestigious Indian university. This gives students an edge over others applying for similar jobs in India. Applying to one of the numerous jobs overseas also gives you diverse career options and a higher return on investment.

Is UPSC easy for medical students?

If you are a disciplined and dedicated student, then you can easily crack UPSC and MBBS together. Doing UPSC after MBBS may seem to be an uphill task, but the same can be achieved if one decides to do so.

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Is it easy for a doctor to become IAS?

You can complete your medical course then you can give one year break for preparation of UPSC examination. There are prelims and mains examination occur. After clearing those examination you can give interview. If you are pass this interview then you become join the training center for 2years and become a IAS officer.