What Not To Do During UPSC Exam Preparation?

Preparing for the UPSC civil services exams takes a lot of time, effort, and focus.

Every aspirant who is preparing for the UPSC exam will be looking for advice on what to do and how to do, but here is a guide on what not to do, which is also equally important.

Following Interviews With Other Candidates

If you are going through each and every interview of other successful candidates, then all you are going to do is confuse yourself more. It is also going to waste a lot of your time and make you lose your track.

For example, if a successful candidate says that you have to read two newspapers, another might say that you have to read only one. While each solution may work for that individual, ultimately, it is a given that you have to chart your own path.

Purchasing More Material Than Is Necessary

Many candidates get scared of the fact that they might miss something, and due to this, they start to purchase every book covering the topic. Not only will you waste your time, but also your money. My suggestion for you is to just refer to one book and then complement your knowledge further by researching on the internet.

Overanalyzing Consumes Your Valuable Time

For example, even if a candidate has already selected his optional subject, he will discuss with other people what the best optional subject to select is. Even though he has already selected the optional subject, he/she will be more interested in asking others. It just means that you have not researched enough before choosing your subject.

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Using previous experience

Many aspirants try to use their previous experience of writing other entrance exams like the state public service commissions or any other UPSC exam and think that following the same procedure might help them. However, the UPSC civil service exam is a bit different, and your tricks may not work here.

Not Practicing

One of the most important steps in preparing for the UPSC exam is to keep practicing. However, many people don’t do it. They think that they have sufficient knowledge of the subject and decide to write the exams directly without practicing any mock tests.

My suggestion here is to please practice mock tests as much as possible from day one. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are. By practicing regularly, you will train your mind to put your mental state in the right place.

Making Large Study Groups

While it is an excellent option to form study groups for preparation for this exam, it is important to keep the group small. It is also important that the people in the group are honest with each other and provide good feedback. Having a big group means there will be too many views and ideas, which will badly affect your preparation.

Losing Your Confidence

UPSC exams are hard and they will test you in every possible way. What makes it harder is that, most of the time, you will be on the receiving end. Never lose confidence in yourself and train yourself to face your fears. Remember that it is always better to be defeated in a battle than to run away from it.