How Upsc Aspirants Manage Upsc Mains Test Series?

Is it necessary to take test series for UPSC mains?

To familiarise yourself with the UPSC Exam Pattern You will have a better understanding of the exam pattern. You will also get to know where you stand in terms of your competition as many of these test series are taken by many students, and you can get your ranking among them.

How to attempt mains test series?

Write 1st iteration – 4 tests (one GS each) at least 45 days before Mains. You will get the evaluated copies in 10-15 days. Learn from the mistakes you have committed and incorporate the feedback given in the next iteration. Write the 2nd iteration when 25-30 days are left and not later than that.

Who checks UPSC mains answer sheets?

The Head Examiner evaluates random/sample UPSC Mains answer sheets before the Examiner’s meeting. Immediately after the Head Examiner evaluates the random answer booklets, the Examiner’s meeting starts. Here, all the examiners discuss the papers and agree on standards and yardsticks to assess and evaluate the papers.

Which coaching is best for mains test series?

Plutus IAS Mains examination test series. The Hinduzone IAS Mains Test Series. Yojna IAS coaching institute mains test series. Oureducation. KSG IAS coaching institute for UPSC mains test series. Shankar IAS FOR UPSC MAINS TEST SERIES. INSIGHT IAS FOR UPSC MAINS TEST SERIES. Vision IAS Mains Test Series.

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Should I join mains test series before prelims?

Its generally advised that you complete the coverage of your mains syllabus once and give at least one revision before you sit for the prelims preparation. Joining a mains test series is one of the easy ways to prepare for the main exam.

Do UPSC toppers attempt all questions in mains?

The candidates have to try to attempt all the questions to gain maximum marks in the Mains Exam. It is generally said that there are high chances to clear this stage for the candidate who has attempted the maximum number of questions, rather than candidates who couldn’t complete the paper on time.

Why do people fail in mains?

A key reason why we fail to improve in Mains / Prelims or the whole process is because we are either not able to identify the problem from where we see it, or we refuse to acknowledge there is a problem in the first place. I mean we could both looking at the same picture and yet see different things.

How much marks is good in mains test series?

A JEE Main score of 250 or higher is regarded as good and a JEE Mains score of 85-95 percentile is ideal for getting into NITs and IITs through the exam.

How many test series Solve for mains UPSC?

UPSC CSE GS Mains Test Series 2023 is a well-planned online program of 34 tests launched to help learners become masters in the art of answer writing.

What is 7 5 3 rule in UPSC?

SEVEN – Candidates’ should aim to answer questions within 7 minutes per question. FIVE – Write 5 points in their answers related to the keyword. It would be better to break down the answer into bulleted points. THREE – Elaborate each point in 3 dimensions as per the requirements listed in the question.