How Tropical Cyclone Related To Indian Monsoon Upsc?

What is the relationship between the ITCZ and the Indian monsoon?

During the summer monsoon season, the ITCZ migrates toward the Indian monsoon zone, which usually occurs over the southern equatorial Indian Ocean during boreal winter.

What factors affect Indian monsoon Upsc?

Strengths of the low pressure over Tibetan plateau and the high pressure over the south Indian Ocean. Somali Jet. Somali Current. Indian Ocean dipole. Indian Ocean branch of the Walker Cell.

How tropical cyclones affect the climate of India?

Temperate cyclones enter India from the Mediterranean Sea in the winter season. These cause rainfall over the Northern plains and snowfall in the mountains in the months of December and January. They are very important for the cultivation of ‘rabi’ crops.

How do tropical cyclones influence distribution of rainfall in India?

The tropical cyclones move westwards towards the east coast of India and cause heavy rainfall there. These cyclones are very destructive and cause great damage to life and property. Most of the winter rain along the east coast is caused by these depressions.

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What causes Indian monsoon?

The monsoons that cause heaviest rainfall are summer monsoons near the Indian Ocean. Warm water in the ocean evaporates, rising into the air. This causes the wind to change direction and moisture blows toward the land in countries such as India and Sri Lanka. The warm, moist air then condenses and becomes rain.

What are the two important factors which influence the mechanism of Indian monsoon?

The three important factors which influence the mechanism of Indian weather are: (i)Surface, pressure and winds. (ii)Jet stream and upper air circulation. (iii)Western disturbances and tropical cyclones.

What are the four characteristics of Indian monsoon?

Monsoon is the seasonal reversal of wind especially seen in the tropical regions of Earth. Monsoons are the heavy rains during the rainy season, usually from June to September. There are large scale sea or ocean breezes during the monsoons. The monsoons usually arrive after the summer season.

Why tropical cyclones do not develop during South West monsoon Upsc?

The southwest monsoon is characterized by the presence of strong westerly winds in the lower troposphere (below 5 km) and very strong easterly winds in the upper troposphere (above 9 km). This results in large vertical wind shear. Strong vertical wind shear inhibits cyclone development.

Which state of India is most affected by tropical cyclones?

On average around 2 to 4 tropical cyclones impact India every year, while most of these tropical cyclones impact the east coast of Indian states of West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu.

Which part of India is most affected by tropical cyclones?

In India, most of the tropical cyclones develop in the Bay of Bengal. Hence the eastern coast is more prone to cyclones. It includes the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal. Q.