How To Use Test Series For Upsc Civvil?

How to utilize test series for UPSC?

Step 1: Complete the first 2 readings of NCERT books & 1 reading of other supplementary books. Step 2: Attempt previous year UPSC questions (last ten years) in a timed environment with negative marking. Analyse your performance based on the official UPSC key.

How to approach test series for UPSC Prelims?

Step One: Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern. Step Two: Build Your Foundation Strong. Step Three: Build On The Foundation. Step Four: Revision. Step Five: Mock Test Based Learning.

Is it necessary to buy test series for UPSC?

It is important to take this stage of the UPSC exam very seriously. You need to know where you stand in terms of your preparation. If you take tests, you can be aware of what your strong and weak areas are in the UPSC prelims syllabus. After taking a test series, you can work on those topics that need improvement.

Is test series enough for UPSC?

Altogether, there is no doubt that the UPSC prelims test series plays a very important role in strengthening your preparation for India’s most prestigious exam. Mock test series puts your preparation on the test and let you know how well you’re doing and what more to do.

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What are 3 good test taking strategies?

Take a few deep breaths and relax tense muscle – repeat throughout the test. Read directions carefully – ask questions. Answer easier questions first – this will help calm you down. Manage your time and keep an eye on the clock.

Which app is best for UPSC test series?

Online Tyari. Features: ClearIAS. Features: IASbaba UPSC & IAS Preparation app. Features: VISION IAS. Features: Civilsdaily. Features: Unacademy Learning App. Features: BYJU’S – The Learning App.

How many test series is enough for UPSC Prelims?

If even 5 tests can help you in achieving the goals mentioned above, then 5 tests may also be enough.

What is a good score in UPSC test series?

Though the cutoff score can increase or decrease based on the difficulty level of the question paper and the number of vacancies, in the coming years it may peak to 120-130 out of 200. This means, after deducing negative marks for wrong answers, you should score above 130 marks to prepare confidently for the Main exam.

Can I skip newspaper reading for UPSC?

Aspirants should know that it is not necessary to read the whole newspaper in detail as part of your IAS preparation.

Is UPSC mains tougher than prelims?

The UPSC Mains exam is very tough as compared to the prelims. Consider these stages as a hierarchy which only increases the challenging intensity with every level. Many think that the competition is lower in mains which is true.