How To Use Prs Site For Upsc?

How do I make notes from PRS?

Access the menu bar and its sub-headings. Under that, select the Monthly Policy Review Section. Choose your month. As you choose a specific month, its respective PDF opens up. Go to the index and select important news.

How can I follow PIB in UPSC?

Programs, and policy initiatives and updates from the government. Articles on important personalities, some historical accounts. All schemes of the government. Speeches by prominent people.

Which online site is best for UPSC?

What is PRS magazine?

PRS provides a comprehensive and credible resource base to access Parliament-specific data, background information and analysis of key issues.

How can I cover my current affairs for UPSC without newspaper?

Yojana Magazine. Kurukshetra Magazine. Pratiyogita Darpan. Government publications such as India Year Book and Economic Survey. All India Radio— Spotlight/Discussion. RSTV’s Big Picture, PRS India and India’s World. Tv debates.

How to read newspaper for UPSC?

Try to classify what you read into categories like geography, polity, economics, environment, ecology, science and technology, etc. This will help you make notes and also ease your preparation. When you make notes out of the newspaper articles and editorials, write in your own words. Keep it simple and easy to learn.

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Is PIB daily or monthly?

Every day, the Public Information Bureau (PIB) publishes the government’s programmes and policy initiatives/updates.

Is PIB a monthly magazine?

Gs Score provides monthly PIB Compilation. These contain all the planning, policies, and programs of the government holistically. It also mentions the achievements of the government. Authentic facts and figures can be collected as the news is officially released from National Media Center.

Which is best source of current affairs for UPSC?

Daily Newspapers – The Hindu, The Indian Express, etc. Summary of Press Information Bureau (PIB) Release. Yojana Magazine. Manorama Yearbook. Weekly and Monthly Current Affairs Magazine (for example Pratiyogita Darpan) The gist of Rajya Sabha TV Debate.

Which app is best for free UPSC preparation?

Online Tyari. Features: ClearIAS. Features: IASbaba UPSC & IAS Preparation app. Features: VISION IAS. Features: Civilsdaily. Features: Unacademy Learning App. Features: BYJU’S – The Learning App.