How To Use Hindu Newspaper For Upsc?

How to read the newspaper for UPSC?

Try to classify what you read into categories like geography, polity, economics, environment, ecology, science and technology, etc. This will help you make notes and also ease your preparation. When you make notes out of the newspaper articles and editorials, write in your own words. Keep it simple and easy to learn.

What are use of The Hindu editorial in UPSC?

Current affairs have an essential role in UPSC-CSE preparation. In this regard Newspapers, especially The Hindu have a central role during preparation as opinion-based questions increased in recent years. The editorial page contains an in-depth analysis of the relevant topic of general studies.

Can I crack UPSC by reading only newspaper?

The most important thing in the preparation of the UPSC Examination is Time Management. An aspirant must not waste their time to look for multiple resources but rather focus on limiting them. Rather than reading two newspapers, aspirants can always supplement their newspaper reading with one Current Affairs Magazine.

Which newspaper is useful for UPSC?

Indian Express Founded in 1932 by Ramnath Goenka, this English daily is useful for UPSC IAS Exam. Along with The Hindu, The Indian Express is considered to be the best source of current affairs information for competitive exam preparation.

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Which part of Hindu newspaper is best for UPSC?

Focus on high/supreme court verdicts: These are very important from the exam point of view. Read the editorial section: This is the most important section in the newspaper.

Should I take notes from newspaper for UPSC?

For UPSC Civil Services Examination, reading newspapers is extremely crucial as the weightage given to the dynamic part of the UPSC Prelims syllabus and Mains syllabus is pretty huge. In this article, you can learn how to make notes from newspapers for IAS exam.

How to read newspaper for UPSC by Toppers?

Policies. Key concepts. Data points (numbers, figures etc. for essay) Facts (these may be asked as statement based questions) News that has the ability or potential to change the course of things. News of national or international importance.

How many newspapers should I read for UPSC?

The two best and most recommended newspapers for UPSC preparation are – “The Hindu” and “The Indian Express”.

What to read in Hindu newspaper for IAS?

Read the newspaper with a clear understanding of the syllabus for the examination. Politics, sports, masala news etc. Identify the issue underlying the articles/ news. News related to Committees, Commissions, Bills, Acts etc are important.

Can I skip current affairs for UPSC?

Don’t worry! Reading newspapers is not necessary to crack UPSC’s current affairs.