How To Upsc Resitation After Fild The Form Cds?

What is the next step after CDS?

It is essential to clear the CDS cutoff in order to appear for SSB Interview. If the candidate manages to clear the SSB interview then he/she will be appearing for the document verification and medical examination. After that, the candidate will be sent to the academy for training to become an officer.

How many marks is one correct answer in CDS?

UPSC CDS 1 Marking Scheme 2023 As per the CDS 2023 exam pattern, candidates will be awarded one mark for each correct answer whereas 0,33 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer.

How many questions should I attempt to clear CDS?

Please do solve as many problems as possible, in form of mock tests, previous year papers etc because this holds the key to success. Time Management is of extreme importance. You will have to solve 100-120 questions in 120 minutes.

How many candidates get selected in CDS?

As per the last CDS 1 2022 Exam result published by UPSC around 6622 candidates cleared the CDS written exam, these candidates will be facing the SSB interview for their respective services they have applied for.

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Is CDS a permanent job?

As the name suggests in Short Service Commission the candidate can be an officer for 10 years which can be extended till 14 years. After 14 years the officer will be given the option to shift to the permanent commission which is the Indian Army.

Is CDS OTA tough?

The CDS exam is conducted by UPSC every year, However, it’s neither tough nor easy. We often tell all your aspiration filled students that the moment they start thinking that the CDS exam is hard or tough. The moment their subconscious starts showing a positive response to clear the CDS exam.

Is there any interview in CDS?

CDS Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview is conducted for candidates who qualify the written exam. CDS SSB Interview assesses candidates on physical, physiological and analytics level.

How many hours should I study for CDS?

For example, if a candidate spent a year preparing for the CDS exam, the candidate would have needed to study about 25 hours per month. Successful candidates report spending about 200 hours studying for each level.

Is 3 month enough for CDS?

CDS Preparation Tips: Time Management Candidates appearing for CDS are advised to start at least 3 to 6 months before the examination.

Can I clear CDS in 1 month?

You have only 10-12% chances of clearing CDS exam in one month preparation. But why not give your 100% in exam preparation from best sources, because even if you fail in this attempt, You will have overview of subjects and exact CDS exam pattern which will be helpful in next CDS attempt.