How To Upload Photo And Signature In Upsc Epfo Form?

How can I upload my photo in UPSC?

Each of the scanned images of the photograph/ signature should not exceed 40 KB in size (for photograph, the pixel size is 140 pixels height x 110 pixels width and for signature it should be 110 pixels height x140 pixels width). Also, please ensure that the uploaded photograph and signature are clearly discernible.

How can I resize my photo and signature in UPSC?

Step 1: Open signature file by clicking on Select file button. Step 2: Adjust signature in crop box to fit. Step 3: Once photo is adjusted in crop box, click on download button to download file in desired format. Step 4: After download, you can upload this file to ojas online form.

How can I scan my signature in UPSC?

UPSC Photo and Signature Size – IAS 2023 The quality must be good such that the image is identifiable with the candidate. The signature that you scanned must be written with a black pen on white paper. The scanned images of the photo and the signature should not exceed 300 KB in size and must not be less than 20KB.

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How do I upload a picture to evidence?

Click the ‘Create’ button to get back to the in-app camera/observation screen. From this screen you can also add pictures or videos that you have already taken on your device’s camera (not in the Evidence Me app). Click the ‘Gallery’ icon to add a pre-existing picture/video observation.

How do I resize an image in signature?

Open Microsoft Paint (do not open the signature or logo file) Click the Resize button. Mark the option to resize the blank area by “pixels” and unmark the check box to “Maintain aspect ratio”

How do I make a picture smaller for my signature?

Open your image in Photoshop. Click on Image > Image Size. In the Resolution field, enter the new DPI value that you want to use: 96 DPI for older versions of Outlook (2016 and earlier) Save your image and use it in your email signature.

How do I change a photo to 25 KB?

Navigate to the pdfFiller and login if you’re already a registered user or sign up for free. Select Add New and browse for a file you need to Compress Image to 25kb Online, from the desktop or cloud storage.

How do I scan a picture and signature for an online application?

You can add a digital signature to your form via Word. Open the application form. Put your cursor where you want your signature to be. Click on the Insert button. Select the ‘signature line’ A menu will pop up. Input all the information in the menu. Select ‘OK’

How do I scan my signature into a document?

Write your signature on a piece of paper. Scan the page and save it on your computer in a common file format: .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, or .PNG. On the Insert tab, click Pictures > Picture from File. Browse to the picture you want to insert, select it, and then click Insert.

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How do I scan a signature into a PDF?

Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click on Fill & Sign in the Tools panel on the right. Click Sign, and then select Add Signature. A popup will open, giving you three options—Type, Draw, and Image. Drag, resize and position the signature inside your PDF file.