How To Understand Upsc Mains Questions Vocabulary?

How to understand UPSC Mains questions?

You should approach the answer from 360 degrees and start writing. Use keywords: Always use keywords to highlight important and scoring points in your answers. Try to underline the keywords. Substantiate your answers: Don’t forget to substantiate what you claim in your answers.

How can I improve my English vocabulary for UPSC?

Write down new words and idioms, and look up their meaning and usage. This will help you improve your vocabulary as well. Apart from that, practise using these new words and phrases in your answer writing practice, as well as when you talk to others.

How to identify keywords in UPSC?

Discuss. Comment & Critically comment. Examine & critically examine. Do you agree / Do you think? How far do you agree? Define & explain. Illustrate & compare .. etc are explained in this section.

How long is 150 words answer UPSC?

A general thumb rule which can be helpful in the exam hall is that – if the question has a 150-word limit, then the answer should be written within 1 and a half A4 pages. If it’s 250, then write the answer not going beyond 2.5 A4 pages.