How To Submit Preferences In Upsc Cds?

What is the role of preference in CDS?

CDS offers entry into these 4 prestigious defense academies. Applicants should be certain about the preferences they fill in their application form. They must consider all the different factors as mentioned above and then choose their most preferred option.

How many marks are deducted for wrong answer in CDS?

There will be four alternatives provided as an answer to each question. For every wrong answer, 1/3rd of the mark i.e 0.33 times the mark assigned to that question will be deducted.

How many candidates get selected in CDS?

As per the last CDS 1 2022 Exam result published by UPSC around 6622 candidates cleared the CDS written exam, these candidates will be facing the SSB interview for their respective services they have applied for.

How do I give preference to OTA?

You can apply for IMA and OTA through the CDS exam. While filling the form you will be asked to give preferences of your choice of academies mentioned there (IMA/ INA/AFA/OTA). Preference once given cannot be changed under any circumstances. OTA has 2 exams – English & GK.

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Can I change my preference in CDS?

This is one of the common doubts among candidates who have given multiple preferences at the time of CDS registration. The answer is NO.

Is CDS OTA tough?

The CDS exam is conducted by UPSC every year, However, it’s neither tough nor easy. We often tell all your aspiration filled students that the moment they start thinking that the CDS exam is hard or tough. The moment their subconscious starts showing a positive response to clear the CDS exam.

How many attempts are left for CDS?

You won’t be eligible to apply for IMA, INA and AFA in 2023. But you can apply for OTA in 2021. 2022, 2023 so you will have 3 attempts for IMA, INA and AFA if you are male candidate. For OTA you have 5 attempts left.

What if I fail SSB interview in CDS?

Well if you have given your CDS exam and qualified then you are applicable to give interview at SSB. If you have been rejected in SSB then you have to appear for CDS exam again and start all over again. You need to qualify the exam to appear for SSB interview.

How is CDS merit list calculated?

CDS cutoff for the written exam is calculated based on the minimum qualifying marks in each subject and minimum aggregate marks of the last qualified candidate. The final CDS cutoff is decided based on the marks of the last recommended candidate. The minimum qualifying for each subject is 20 percent.

Do CDS questions repeat?

The questions in the examination may or may not repeat over the years but the basic framework of the paper remains the same. So, solving previous years will give an insight on what type of questions you may expect in the CDS 1 examination 2023.