How To Study Geography For Upsc Pre?

What should I study for Geography prelims?

Geomorphology. Climatology. Oceanography. Biogeography. Environmental Geography.

Which part of Geography is important for UPSC Prelims?

Human Geography Location-based questions pertaining to India and the world are also asked in the prelims. The UPSC Notification contains the syllabus of the Geography optional along with other subjects.

How do I start studying Geography?

Start with the continents. Be knowledgeable about large bodies of water. Don’t be stuck up on memorizing all the countries. Use history or current events to remember better. Visualize locations. Make flashcards. Ask for help. Keep a map close by.

Which is the best source for Geography UPSC?

Indian Geography by Majid Hussain. Indian Geography by Khullar. Certificate Physical and Human geography by GC Leong. Oxford School Atlas.

Is Geography NCERT enough for prelims?

The NCERT books of class 9th and 10th are also recommendable for IAS Prelims Preparation but not necessary (in case they have enough time).

Are Ncerts enough for Geography UPSC?

NCERT books are a must for the IAS exam. However, candidates should also refer to subject-specific books (e.g. Indian Polity by Laxmikant) and keep tabs on current affairs.

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Which subject is most asked in UPSC Prelims?

UPSC Prelims exam comprises General Studies Paper 1 and Paper 2. General Studies Paper 1 comprises questions related to History, Geography, Economics, Environment etc. On the other hand the General Studies Paper 2 focuses on comprehension, logical reasoning, data interpretation etc.

Is geography optional easy for UPSC?

Choosing geography as optional for UPSC Mains can be beneficial for the candidates as it is overlapping with the GS Paper 1 and at times useful for the essay paper also. But, studying geography as an optional subject involves great effort because of the vast syllabus and complexity of the subject.

How much time to complete Geography for UPSC?

For History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Environment- You need to complete them within 6 months. And revise them in last month. Start attempting Prelims test series 2 months before too.

What is the fastest way to memorize geography?

In fact, music is one of the most powerful mnemonic devices for memorizing large lists of geographic information, including cities, states and even countries.