How To Study For Commerce And Accountancy For Upsc?

Is commerce and accountancy scoring in UPSC?

Commerce and Accountancy offer you a lot of chances of scoring high marks since it is a technical subject. The reason behind it is that every year there comes about 150 marks worth of numeral in the exam.

Is commerce and accountancy a good optional for UPSC?

Commerce and Accountancy Optional It is a good scoring optional and provides an advantage to commerce graduates as the undergraduate and professional studies are utilized in both paper 1 & 2.

Which book is best for commerce and accountancy UPSC?

Accounting Corporate Accounting – Naseem Ahmed. Accounting Standards- D. S. Rawat. Auditing Students’ Guide to Auditing- Aruna Jha. Income Tax book by- V.K. Singhania or Girish Ahuja. Cost Accounting; Theory & Problems- Maheshwari & Mittal. Financial Management.

How to prepare commerce and accountancy for UPSC mains quora?

The ideal way is to limit the syllabus, as one feels like studying everything under a given topic. One must keep the copy of the syllabus always handy on the study table, you must strictly follow the syllabus and try to skim through all the topics instead of mastering them.

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Can I score 95 in Commerce?

Yes you can score 95+ in 12th boards 2022 with commerce stream if you prepare with your full determination and attempt paper with some smart work. Some tips would help you for your exams: Concentrate on Economics, Accounting, and Business Studies.

How is 90 plus scored in Commerce?

Read case studies. Visualize concepts. Pay greater attention to some topics. Keep revising. Solve sample question papers. The textbook is equally important. Stay focused and be persistent. Don’t sacrifice your sleep.

Which is the shortest optional in UPSC?

Philosophy has the shortest syllabus out of all of the optional subjects for the UPSC examination and is the reason for it is a popular choice amongst UPSC aspirants.

Which stream has highest success rate in UPSC?

It is also important to note that it a large number of candidates (i.e., greater than 1000) opt for subjects such as Geography, PSIR and Sociology irrespective of the higher success rates seen in subjects such as Law, Management and Commerce and Accountancy.

Which subject is toughest in commerce?

Chartered Accountancy CA is the toughest course in commerce.

Which 5 subject is best for UPSC?

Medical Science. Literature. Anthropology. Public Administration. Psychology. Law. Geography. History.