How To Study Economic Geography Upsc?

What are the methods of studying economic geography?

In economic geography, three approaches have been developed during last three decades that can be considered as modern approaches. These are: (i) System analysis, (ii) Behavioural approach, and (iii) Institutional approach.

How to study economic geography for UPSC quora?

Read all 4 NCERT books of 11–12 th standards. Understand them properly. If you feel less confident, take some coaching notes of geography (which teaches GS properly) for GS only. For world geography, Refer to GC Leong’s 15–25 chapters.

Is economic geography important for UPSC?

Economic geography is important because it helps us understand the world around us. By studying how the economy is distributed, we can learn about the factors that influence where businesses choose to locate themselves.

What is the best way to study economics for UPSC?

NCERT textbook classes X, XI, XII. Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh. Indian Economy – Sanjeev Verma. Ministry websites of water, power, etc. Economic Survey. Budgets. Administrative Reforms Commissions (ARC) Reports. PIB.

What is the fastest way to memorize economics?

Be realistic. Make sure you get plenty of food, sleep, and relaxation. Try to study in the same place at the same time every day. At the beginning of each study, period review the last thing you studied for 10 minutes. Rewrite your notes. Read your notes out loud.

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What is the easiest way to study geography?

Start with the continents. Be knowledgeable about large bodies of water. Don’t be stuck up on memorizing all the countries. Use history or current events to remember better. Visualize locations. Make flashcards. Ask for help. Keep a map close by.

Is Ncert sufficient for UPSC economics?

Hence NCERTs are necessary but not sufficient for the preparation of the UPSC Exam mainly for a dynamic subject like Economics. Most of the questions asked in the exam are related to current events happening all across the country and the world.

How do I get an A * for economics?

Time management. Do lots of practice questions. Conclusions should give a decision. Know essay structures. Know your real-world examples. Master evaluation. Get your work marked and view sample answers. Make revision notes as you go along.

What is the highest score in Geography optional UPSC?

Who is the Geography optional topper 2021? Naman Goyal was the Geography optional topper in 2021. He scored (140 + 132), i.e., 272 marks in Optional-I and Optional-II of the 2021 IAS exam. His overall score was 1009, and he attained an AIR of 30.

Which source is best for geography UPSC?

Indian Geography by Majid Hussain. Indian Geography by Khullar. Certificate Physical and Human geography by GC Leong. Oxford School Atlas.